Bard StatLock Universal Plus Stabilization Device

Bard StatLock Universal Plus Stabilization Device

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD INC
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  • Latex Free

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Bard StatLock Universal Plus Stabilization Device sets the new standard of excellence for suture-free stabilization of biliary and nephrostomy percutaneous drainage, and peritoneal lavage catheters. Advanced technologies combine with the StatLock Stabilization Device design sophistication to deliver skin-safe, suture-free, releasable stabilization of even the most lubricious catheters. It comes in different sizes, to fit virtually all percutaneous drainage catheters.

StatLock Catheter Stabilization Device Highlights:

  • Latex-free
  • Releasable device clamp and anchor pad 
  • Minimizes complications associated with suturing 
  • Reduces catheter tip micromotion 
  • Maintains IV catheter placement better than others 
  • Greater adhesive strength 
  • Prevents needlestick risks 
  • Effective alternative to tape

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VUPD1214 Large, For 12Fr to 14Fr Each

Universal Plus Catheter Stabilization Device Features

  • Improves patient comfort and safety by eliminating the need to secure catheters with suture
  • Reduces catheter tip micromotion better than tape and provide greater stability over time
  • Maintains IV catheter placement better than others
  • Prevents needlestick risks to healthcare workers
  • Effective alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies
  • Instructions For Application

Benefits Of Universal Plus Catheter Stabilization Device

  • StatLock Device Retainer:
    - Releasable StatLock device clamp
    - When closed, allows for securement of lubricious catheters
    - When opened, permits gradual withdrawal of catheter without pad replacement
    - Versatility: Fits virtually all catheter sizes
  • StatLock Device Anchor Pad:
    - Custom StatLock device pad (with underlying hydrocolloid swath) allows for skin-safe adherence
    - Allows for visibility of insertion site
    - Unique alcohol-soluble adhesive is gentle on the skin
    - Latex-free foam fabric with breathable perspiration holes
    - Includes skin protectant for enhanced stabilization
  • Statlock Device Importance:
    - StatLock stabilization device has the proven ability to reduce IV therapy complications, improve nursing efficiency, and decrease the costs of complications
    - Designed to minimize complications resulting from movement of a catheter and may help to reduce vessel trauma
    - Demonstrated many significant advantages, for both patients and healthcare providers, compared to conventional methods of catheter securement

More On Universal Plus Catheter Stabilization Device

Application Technique:

  • Prep:
    - Prepare the targeted securement site with alcohol or chloraprep solution to degrease skin. Then apply skin protectant solution for enhanced adherence and skin protection. Allow to dry completely for 10 to 15 seconds.
    - Wipe catheter with remaining skin protectant (so it is wet for insertion into the StatLock device retainer).
    Note: Always secure catheter to the StatLock device retainer before placing pad on the skin.
  • Press:
    - Bring the StatLock deivice anchor pad into position. Stabilize the catheter between fingers and then double tug catheter to stretch-fit into retainer.
    - Close lid.
  • Peel and Place:
    - Peel away the StatLock device paper backing one side at a time.
    - Place on skin

Removal Technique:

  • Disengage:
    - Open the StatLock device retainer by pressing tab and lifting lid.
    - Carefully lift catheter from retainer.
  • Dissolve:
    - First lift edge of anchor pad using 3 to 4 alcohol pads.
    - Then continue to stroke undersurface of pad with alcohol to dissolve adhesive anchor pad away from skin.
    Note: Do not pull or force pad to remove.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Do not use the StatLock stabilization device where loss of adherence could occur, such as with a confused patient, unattended access device, diaphoretic or non-adherent skin, or when the access device is not monitored daily.
  • Observe universal blood and body fluid precautions and infection control procedures, during the StatLock stabilization device application and removal.
  • Suture the StatLock stabilization device pad to skin if necessary or deemed necessary.
  • Avoid the StatLock stabilization device contact with alcohol or acetone, both can weaken bonding of components and the StatLock stabilization device pad adherence.
  • Minimize catheter manipulation during StatLock stabilization device application and removal.
  • Remove oil and moisturizer from targeted skin area.
  • The StatLock stabilization device pad adherence and catheter/tube position should be routinely inspected.
  • Orient the StatLock stabilization device so arrows point toward the catheter tip.
  • The StatLock stabilization device should be replaced every 7 days.
  • A StatLock stabilization device luer-lock connector must be used to secure venous and arterial catheters.
  • Always apply the adhesive strip to central venous and arterial catheters at or near the insertion site when using a StatLock stabilization device.
  • This is a single-use device. Reuse/and or repackaging may create a risk of patient or user infection, compromise the structural integrity and/or essential material and design characteristics of the device, which may lead to device failure, and/or lead to injury, illness or death of the patent.
  • Do not re-sterilize. The sterility of the single-use device is not guaranteed following re-sterilization because of an indeterminable degree of potential pyrogenic or microbial contamination which may lead to infection complications. Re-sterilization may compromise the structural integrity, essential material and/or design characteristics and may lead to an unpredictable loss of functionality and/or device failure.

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