Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace

Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace

  • FSA Approved

Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace quickly restores functional mobility by providing powerful compression for immediate pain relief. With just a few sizes that correspond directly to men’s or women’s clothing sizes, the QuikDraw RAP will reduce inventory requirements while simplifying the fitting process. The performance characteristics of the brace result in better patient compliance. When coupled with a specific physical therapy regimen, the QuikDraw RAP can lead to quick and lasting pain relief for better patient outcomes. QuikDraw RAP is a complete product that comes along with back panel. 

Item # Desc Pkg Price
995010 X-Small Each
995020 Small Each
995030 Medium Each
995040 Large Each
995050 X-Large Each
995060 2X-Large Each

Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace Features

  • Compression:
    - Natural leverage combined with a significant mechanical advantage offers compression that provides strong support and immediate pain relief
  • Mechanical Advantage:
    - SlickTrack tightening system allows all patients to easily control upper and lower tightening, applying localized therapy directly to the lumbar region
  • Versatile Back Pocket:
    - A back pocket allows use of a customizable rigid panel with a cushioning pad for better support or an optional cold therapy pack
  • Innovative Materials:
    - Lightweight skin-friendly material provides unparalleled comfort and durability
    - Non-elastic washable material is easy to clean without compromising the structural integrity of the QuikDraw
  • Style:
    - QuikDraw RAP is available in black and white
  • Form-Fitting Design:
    - QuikDraw is designed to accommodate different body types
  • Comfort:
    - Lightweight, breathable material is soft enough to wear against the skin, allowing cool air in and body heat out, providing unsurpassed comfort
  • Support:
    - Padded Rigid Anterior Panels (RAP) and posterior panels disperse pressure and compression to provide effective support.
  • Black in color
  • Also Available (Separately)

Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace User Manual

How to use QuikDraw RAP Back Brace?

How to use QuikDraw RAP Back Brace?


  • Apply the fully stretched brace making sure the back panel is centered and low on the back. 
  • Overlap the tapered ends of the brace so the hook Velcro grips the opposite side as tightly as possible. Ends may be angled to accommodate for different anatomies.

Tighten and Adjust

  • Slip each thumb into the FormFit pull tabs. Extend the tabs out and away from the brace. The left drawstring controls the compression on the lower portion of the brace, while the right drawstring controls the compression on the upper portion of the brace. Pull tabs do not have to be pulled equally, but should extend to patients preference. 
  • When desired compression is achieved, touch the hook side of the pull tabs down onto the loop Velcro to secure.

Rigid Anterior Panel

  • Flex the Rigid Anterior Panel (RAP) so that the center coverplate snaps off. Remove coverplate and foam pad. 
  • Locate the 1.5" loop strap on the inside of the left side of the QuickDraw PRO. 
  • Hold the RAP as shown and feed the edge of the loop strap through the H-shape slot in the center of the RAP. Pull the strap through the slot. 
  • Replace the plastic coverplate into the center of the panel. 
  • RAP panel should be slid to midline on patient

Extension Panel

  • Position the hook Velcro end of the QuikDraw PRO so the entire hook Velcro portion grips the square end of the extension panel. 
  • Position the brace so the pad in the back panel is centered over your spine.
  • Fit and secure as instructed in Tighten and Adjust section above. 

QuikDraw RAP Back Brace Specifications

Size Waist Circumference
X-Small 21" - 27" (53cm to 69cm)
Small 26" - 32" (66cm to 81cm)
Medium 31" - 37" (79cm to 94cm)
Large 36" - 42" (91cm to 107cm)
X-Large 41" - 47" (104cm to 119cm)
2X-Large 46" - 57" (117cm to 145cm)


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