Aspen Pediatric Cervical Collar
Aspen Pediatric Cervical Collar

Aspen Pediatric Cervical Collar


Aspen Pediatric Cervical Collar is designed specifically for those children who need medical products. It offers five sizes of pediatric cervical collars, allowing to provide the highest level of patient care.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
983190 PD1 Aspen Pediatric Collar Each $2.22
983195 PD2 Aspen Pediatric Collar Each $2.22
983106 PD3 Aspen Pediatric Collar Each $2.22
983102 PD4 Aspen Pediatric Collar Each $2.22
983104 PD5 Aspen Pediatric Collar Each $2.22


  • Aspen Pediatric Cervical Collar automatically conforms to provide a custom fit for all children
  • Common Examples of Use:
    - Decompressive procedures
    - Fracture management
    - Cervicogenic headache
    - Cervical disc syndrome
    - Post surgical stabilization
    - Trauma or whiplash
    - Sprain or strain
    - Radiculopathy
  • Motion Restriction:
    -Properly fit collar can provide effective motion restriction
  • Safe for Delicate Skin:
    - Aspen Pediatric Collars minimize the potential for skin breakdown, while maintaining superior motion restriction
    - The FlexTabs have been designed to spread support across the contact surfaces, eliminating hot spots that can lead to skin breakdown
  • Custom Fit:
    - The PD4 and PD5 have an occipital support strap on the back panel that when adjusted provides a custom cradle for the back of the head
  • Gently by Design:
    - The pads are made of breathable, open cell foam with a soft, hypoallergenic cotton lining which keeps the skin clean, cool and comfortable
  • User Manual
  • Instruction Manual
  • PD Collar Guidelines

More Information

  • Measuring for correct size:
    - Height, weight and age of the child influence the proper cervical collar sizing. Refer to the Specification chart to estimate the proper size.
  • Instructions For Positioning:
    Slide the back panel behind the neck.
    -  Squeeze the collar in half horizontally.
    - Scoop the front panel up and under the chin so the chin piece comes to the front edge of the chin.
    - Bring the sides up over the shoulders and loosely place the back panel Velcro on the front panel to hold it in place.
  • Secure:
    - While holding the trach hole with one hand, peel the back panel Velcro outwards until all slack is out.
    - Next secure the back panel Velcro onto the side of the front panel.
    - Repeat the opposite side, and alternate sides until the collar is secure and centered.
    - (Ambulatory only) The PD 3, PD 4 and PD 5 have an occipital support strap on the back panel.
    - Adjust by squeezing the back panel to the neck and pulling the straps until all slack is out.



1 - 18 Months

22" - 33" (53 - 84 cm)

11 - 29 lbs.
PD29 - 24 Months29" - 37" (74 - 94 cm)22 - 33 lbs.
PD31 - 3 Years33" - 40" (84 - 102 cm)24 - 36 lbs.
PD42 - 5 Years35" - 45" (89 - 114 cm)26 - 42 lbs.
PD53 - 6 Years37" - 48" (94 - 122 cm)27 - 54 lbs.

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