Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop

Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop


Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop creates a link from a hearing aid/implant (must be equipped with T-Coil) and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phone, computer, music player etc. Thereby, ARTONE 3 enables crystal clear sound transmission for hearing aid users during mobile phone conversation or music streaming.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
3 MAX Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop Each $4.35


  • Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop is a lightweight pendant that fits comfortably around your neck
  • 50dB amplification
  • Echo and background noise cancellation for clearer sound in any environment
  • 30ft range between neckloop and connected device
  • Pair 2 Bluetooth devices at once
  • Push button operation with voice dialing
  • Music playback control
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 4-5 hours of use
  • Bluetooth V4.1 and supports profiles A2DP/HS/HF/AVRCP
  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.77 x .66 inch

More Information

  • What Arone 3 does
    - ARTONE 3 upgrades a T-Coil equipped hearing device in to a Bluetooth hearing device. Using the ARTONE 3, the hearing aid users can communicate over mobile phone using their hearing aid as handsfree or listen to music using their hearing aid as wireless headphones. Crystal clear amplified sound of voice or music is transmitted from the audio source to the hearing aid through the ARTONE 3 without any interference.
    - 1. USING THE ARTONE 3 WITH A MOBILE PHONE: In a time of a call the signal from the mobile phone is wirelessly sent to the ARTONE 3 Bluetooth LoopSet where the signal is processed, cleared and amplified. Then the signal is sent to the user’s hearing aid or implant. The hearing aid processes the signal once again and adjusts the signal to the user’s personal level. When having a mobile phone conversation, the hearing aid user’s voice is captured by the ARTONE3 Bluetooth LoopSet microphone, it is processed and cleared by cutting the unnecessary background noises, it is amplified and then the signal is sent to the user’s handset. The product is equipped with noise cancellation system that allows the hearing aid user to communicate even in a noisy environment.
    - 2. USING THE ARTONE 3 WITH BLUTOOTH-ENABLED AUDIO SOURCES When paired with any audio device equipped with Bluetooth, ARTONE 3 enables the transmission of crystal clear amplified sound of music, film, Skype conversation etc. without any interference from the audio device into the hearing aid. To enjoy crystal clear amplified sound streaming from non-Bluetooth audio sources such as television, Ipod, MP3 player etc. or for amplification of conversation in noisy environment, an additional transmitter must be used with the ARTONE 3 – the ARTONE TVB transmitter or the ARTONE TVB+ Wireless Microphone and Transmitter.


One year warranty.

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