Announcer with Six Levels

Announcer with Six Levels

Brand/Manufacturer: ENABLING DEVICES

Announcer with Six Levels is a sequencer communicator that allows the user to first hear a series of words and then select one simply by activating its capability switch. It features six levels and has 300 seconds of recording time. It also includes auditory cueing, scanning and a playback delay of one to five seconds.

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5015 26"H x 6"W Each $14.11


  • Announcer with Six Levels requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with jack for external capability switch
  • 5 second messages
  • Level changer
  • Weight: 3lb

More Information

  • Operation:
    - Locate the two battery compartments on the control center at the base of the gooseneck. Next remove the small screws from the battery compartments. Slide the battery compartment covers off. Observing polarity , install four AA size batteries (Not included) into the holders. Use alkaline batteries only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand). Do not use rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries because they supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform properly. Never mix old and new batteries together or different brands or types together. Replace the battery compartment covers and screws.
    - Make sure that the volume is set to an audible level by turning the silver ON/OFF/VOLUME knob clockwise. To record press and HOLD the RECORD button first. Next press and HOLD the PLAY/RECORD button. Speak your message clearly, with your mouth preferably about 6" from t he microphone (the small “fuzzy" circle on the control center) then release the Play/Record button, but continue to hold the RECORD button . DO NOT RELEASE THE RECORD BUTTON IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE THE SEQUENCE OF MESSAGES. If recording a Single message release both.
    - If you wish to continue recording additional mes sages, press the PLAY/RECORD button again and record your next message in the ex act same way. For each new message you must release only the PLAY/RECORD button after each message is recorded. When finished recording release both. Mes sages have a maximum record time of 5 seconds. The units maximum total recoding time is 300 seconds, plan your messages accordingly
  • Recording Level Announcement Message:
    - our Level Announcement Messages may be changed at any time and can be renamed "Level One the Food Level" or "Level One Jimmiys Messages", etc. Simply press the Record button first, then press the Level button and speak your Level Announcement Message into the microphone. Note: to hear your new level message you must either cycle through all 6 levels by repeatedly pressing the Level announcement button until it returns to Level One or turn the unit OFF, wait several seconds and turn the unit back ON. Your new Level O ne Announcement Message will now play
  • Changing Levels:
    - Each time the Level button is pressed, the communicator will advance to the next level. Pressing the Level button on Level 6 will re turn the unit to Level One
  • Playing your Messages:
    - Once you have recorded all your level announcements and messages you are now ready to use the communicator. Turn the unit ON, the first level announcement will play, pressing the switch plate and then releasing it will start the unit scanning sequentially through your recorded messages for that level at a lower volume level. Once you hear the desired message press the switch plate again to play the selection at the normal volume level. To advance to the next level press and hold the switch plate until you hear the next level announcement, then release the switch. To scan though the messages on this level press and release the switch as before
  • Voice Delay:
    - There is a voice delay setting which during message playback will give a time delay between messages from (1 to 5 seconds). Turning the knob counter clockwise will decrees the delay, clock wise will increase it. This delay is useful for users with mental and or physical response delays
  • When you are done using the unit, turn it off. If you will not be using the unit for a prolonged period of time, remove the batteries from the battery compartment
  • The Announcer can also be activated by another external capability switch, via the switch input jack located on the control center. Make sure your switch is plugged in all the way with no gaps. External switch activation will replicate as if the large switch plate on the device was depressed

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