ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Drug Delivery System

ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Drug Delivery System

Brand/Manufacturer: NORTH COAST MEDICAL
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ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System is an intelligent, accurate iontophoresis delivery with SmartPower LED to provide visual feedback to clinicians and patients. It is a disposable, single use, non-invasive drug delivery system that utilizes an intelligent microprocessor to deliver 40 or 80mA min dosage of a negatively-charged ionic solution. The self contained and fully integrated SmartPower system functions without a charging station or dose controller. It can be removed and reapplied to complete treatment if necessary or used for two treatment sites.

What does ActivaPatch Intellidose Drug Delivery System Include?

  • 6 ActivaPatch Kits
  • One alcohol wipe
  • One Patient Instruction card

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NC89188 ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 6/pack

Features of ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Iontophoresis Patch

  • Fully Self-Contained: Thereby eliminating the need for separate dose controllers, charging stations, and battery packs associated with the most widely used systems
  • Require No Saline: It does not require saline and provides ease of use in every application, as well as preventing over-hydration and potential operator error by eliminating the chance of accidentally adding the saline or prescribed medication to the wrong chamber of the iontophoresis patch
  • SHUNT technology: automatically turns off the electrode when the 80 mA minute treatment is complete
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Can be removed and reapplied to complete treatment if necessary or used for two treatment sites
  • Contains an Intelligent Biofeedback Microprocessor and SmartPower LED: Allows each patch to communicate with both clinician and patient, ensuring effective drug delivery by accurately measuring skin impedance and operational effectiveness of the patch
  • Accurate timing and dosage ± 2% versus other wireless iontophoresis treatments that can be as much as ± 37%
  • The patch delivers a 40mA*min dose in 1.25 hours or an 80mA*min dose in 2.5 hours

When is it used?

Iontophoresis is used in several treatment procedures. The health effects include:

  • It decreases inflammation
  • Helps in managing scar tissues.
  • It decreases pain in joints
  • It decreases swelling and edema.
  • Reduces the excessive calcium deposits in the body.
  • It decreases muscle spasms.

What to buy with ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Drug Delivery System

How to use ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Iontophoresis Electrode Patch?

Open pouch and remove contents: (1) ActivaPatch; (1) alcohol wipe;

  1. Patient Instruction Card.
  2. Gently apply your thumb to the battery case and remove the pull tab to activate the patch (see diagram).
  3. The LED will flash to indicate treatment mode. One flash every four (4) seconds indicates an open circuit. This means the patch is functional and ready to use (please refer to Flash Sequence Chart on page 6). **If the circuit does NOT light up, discard the patch and use another.
  4. Inspect the area where ActivaPatch is to be placed and ensure skin is intact. Clean the treatment site with alcohol and wipe thoroughly.
  5. Ensure that the treatment site is dry before applying ActivaPatch.
  6. With a marked syringe, draw 2.0 cc of ionic solution and hydrate the active ionic solution reservoir (see diagram).
  7. Do not under or overfill the reservoir.
  8. Note: Make sure there are no visible dry spots. If dry spots are visible, touch up lightly with the tip of the syringe until they are gone (do not overfill).
  9. Peel the liner and place the patch directly on the treatment area. Do not compress the electrode on the reservoir area, or the solution may leak.
  10. Once treatment has begun, pull off the remaining release liner over the pull tab (see diagram) and refer to the Flash Sequence chart on page 6
  11. The LED indicator and the power will turn off when 80 mAmp*min is complete, and the ActivaPatch can be removed.

ActivaPatch Intellidose User Manual


Iontophoresis is contraindicated for patients with:

  • Cardiac pacemakers or other electrically-sensitive implanted devices.
  • Known sensitivity to the ionic solutions to be administered.
  • Known adverse reactions to the application of electrical current.

Warnings & Precautions:

  1. Do not use an ActivaPatch that appears to have been altered or damaged in any way.
  2. Do not use on damaged skin or recent scar tissue.
  3. Do not use across the temporal regions or for the treatment of the orbital region.
  4. Only use with negatively-charged solutions.
  5. The ActivaPatch® can be worn during normal activity; however, excessive motion where the ActivaPatch® has been placed can cause poor contact between the skin and the electrodes. This may result in uneven distribution of current, increasing the risk of skin irritation.
  6. Do not shave the application site area. If necessary, clip the hair. Before giving an iontophoretic treatment, the patient should be advised of the potential for skin irritation or burns. An area of transient erythema, characterized by a uniform red pattern, can occur under the ground and active electrodes. The redness should resolve within a few hours.
  7. Advise the patient to remove the ActivaPatch and immediately report any burning sensation or discomfort.
  8. Do not allow any metals to come in contact with any of the electrodes. Advise the patient to remove all jewelry and metallic piercings around the treatment site.
  9. Non-sterile, single use only. Discard immediately after each treatment.
  10. Do not get electrodes wet, as this may cause the electrode to short.

ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 Iontophoresis Electrodes Specifications



Active Area 11.4cm²
Dosage 40 or 80mA*min
Skin Adhesive Hypoallergenic
Maximum Buffer Capacity Ag/AgCl stabilizer
Fill Volume 2.0cc
Smart Power 6V with an intelligent microprocessor

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