Graham Field Elong Toilet Seat

Graham Field Elong Toilet Seat

Graham-Field Elong Toilet Seat is designed for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet. It securely attaches to the toilet bowl using bolts to prevent shifting of the seat. It is designed to work with your existing toilet seat and lid to blend in with the existing decor.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
6482R-2 Round Toilet Seat Riser 2/Pack $3.76
6482ER-2 Elong Toilet Seat Riser 2/Pack $3.92

How to install Elong Toilet Seat

  1. Remove toilet seat riser, hardware, and armrests from carton and protective packaging. 
  2. Install the armrests with the following steps: a. Identify the right and left armrests by the R (Right) and L (Left) stamped into armrest ends. b. Note that each toilet seat riser armrest socket is also stamped with an R or L, as shown at right. Insert each armrest marked with R or L into the socket with the corresponding letter. c. Push each armrest into its sockets until it clicks into place. d. Ensure locking buttons protrude fully from holes. Pull on armrests slightly to test proper installation. If loose, repeat step c. 
  3. At the toilet, lift the cover plates at top rear toilet bowl rim, exposing the bolts holding the seat and lid to the toilet bowl. 
  4. Use a Phillips or blade screwdriver, whichever is appropriate, to unscrew toilet seat bolts by turning counterclockwise. 
  5.  Remove the toilet seat and lid from the toilet bowl and set them aside. 
  6. Place the toilet seat riser over the toilet bowl rim so that the toilet seat riser mounting holes align with the toilet rim holes. 
  7. Place the toilet seat and lid on top of the toilet seat riser so that the seat/ lid holes align with the riser and rim holes. 
  8.  Install a washer on one of the long bolts included in the box and insert it through the top of the toilet seat lid, toilet seat riser, and toilet bowl rim. 
  9. Place a washer and wing nut on the end of the long bolt that protrudes throughthebottomofthetoiletbowl.
  10. UseaPhillipsorbladescrewdriver,whicheverisappropriate,toturntheboltclockwiseuntiltoiletseatriserandtoiletseatlidaresnug.Donotovertighten
  11. Thetoiletseatrisershouldnowbesecurelyinstalledonthetoiletbowl.Toensurethatyouhaveaproperfit,intentionallyshakethetoiletseatrisertoensureproperplacementandfit.Thetoiletseatrisershouldnotmove;ifitdoes,re-install.


Specifications 6482R-2 6482ER-2
Width Between Arms: 19.5" 20.5"
Overall Width: 22.5" 23.5"
Seat Height: 3.5" 3.5"
Seat Depth: 17.25" 19"
Maximum Weight Capacity: 300lb 300lb

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