Everyway4All EU300 Traction-T 4-Section Traction Table

Everyway4All EU300 Traction-T 4-Section Traction Table

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Everyway4All EU300 Traction-T 4-Section Traction Table is the equipment used by physiotherapists for Traction and Decompression therapy and helps to treat patients suffering from pain and limited function due to lower back and neck conditions. It is well known for its comfortability, mechanical stability, and operational movement. EU300 Traction is the ultimate Traction Table for all Traction needs like Lumbar Traction and Cervical Traction.

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Everyway4All EU300 Traction Table Features

  • Everyway4All EU300 Traction-T 4-Section Traction Table includes:
    - (Left) 60º + (Right) 60º Swivel Arm for various angle pulls
    - 2 x Bolsters
    - Extension Cord
  • 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adjustments
  • 1 Motorized Actuator for Center Arching
  • Twin oversized pillars for added stability
  • Individual leveling foot on all 4 corners
  • Retractable castors at both ends 
  • Twin Gas Struts for solid head section support
  • Center Arching Mechanism for Motorized Lumbar Elevation facilitates any pulling traction force on the lumbar area with a slight upward lifting support (up to 26 Degree Rise) especially when the patient is lying in the prone position or facing down
  • Gas-Driven Damper Strut:
    - Used on the lower body (3rd and 4th) section of able top of the EU300 for auto-progressive returning during therapy
    - This replaces the normally used "Recoil Spring" on other competing models
    - This feature helps to smoothly and safely reduce the gap between the stationary and floating sections
    - This means that the 3rd and 4th sections will always stay afloat and not be hitting the end of the frame during therapy
    - At the end of a session, the Lower Body (3rd and 4th) section will gradually return to its original position as the traction force decreases 
  • Weight: 116.2 kgs
  • Note: Traction Unit (Head) shown in the picture is not included.
  • User Manual

Instructions for Use

  • Safety Instructions:
    - Prior starting to use the table, it is important that you read and understand this manual.
    - You may also consult this manual whenever you;re in doubt about using the table.
    - This devise MUST BE USED under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.
    - Use only the original accessories that is manufactured by Everyway Medical Inst. Co., Ltd. for the table.
    - DO NOT USE the table in "Wet Rooms" - Hydrotherapy Rooms.
    - Keep the table away from direct heat and/or fire.
  • Warnings:
    - Please make certain that Electric Couches /Tables are not used in the presence of flammable gases such as anaesthetic agent.
    - Do not sit on the edge of Head or Foot Section of a couch or table as possible damages to the (1) Gas Struts and/or (2) Gas Strut Handle Bar may occur. Standard Load of a couch or table is rated at which the loading weight is distributed evenly across the working surface but not on a specific area or side of table top.
    - It is hazardous to exceed the rated maximum load of a couch or table.
    - The operation Electric couch or table requires the Power Cord securely plugged-in to the wall utility power. When the Power Cord is unplugged, it does not operate unless the couch or table is equipped with a backup battery.
    - Use only the original accessories that are manufactured by Everyway Medical Inst. Co., Ltd. for a table or couch.
    - Children MUST be refrained from using any tables or couches by means of operating a hand or foot control nor Elevating Bars.
  • Cautions: 
    - Before allowing a patient to lay on the couch or table, please ensure that the Leveling Foot at each corner is LEVELED & RESTING on the floor securely after the castors are retracted. If not, please adjust the leveling foot accordingly to stabilize the table.
    - Check any trapped power cords or cables underneath the couch or table while moving the table.
    - Keep any persons; limbs away from all moving parts of a couch or table especially when the table is being moved from one place to another
    - When applying electrotherapy to a patient, please keep his or her body away from any contacts with metal parts of the couch or table.
    - Please familiarize yourself with the operation of all various controls of actuator and gas struts to avoid inadvertent actuation of table sections.

How does Everyway4all Traction Unit Works?

  • The HOLD and REST time can be adjusted in real-time as well as the force
  • Once set, press START and the new setting will take effect in the next coming cycle

Everyway4All EU300 Traction Table Specification

Particulars Specifications
Minimum Height 470mm (18.50”)
Maximum Height 910mm (35.83”)
Table Top Width 700mm (27.56")
Head Section Length 410mm (16.14")
Thoracic Section Length 310mm (12.20")
Lumbar Section Length 310mm (12.20")
Leg Section Length 740mm (29.13")
Total Length 2390mm (94.09”)
Head Tilt Angles -20º to +80º
Leg Tilt Angles -0º to +87º
Lift Mechanism Electric
Breathing Hole/Plug 1
Retractable Castors 4
Weight Rating (Maximum Load) 225kgs (496lbs)
Actuator Input Voltage DC 24V
Control Box Input Voltage and Rating 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A
Control Box Output Voltage DC 32V, 80VA
Duty cycle Maximum 10% 2 minutes ON / 18 minutes OFF
Maximum Load Push 8000N
Maximum Current 6A


  • 1 year on Mechanical Parts
  • 2 years on Electronics
  • 3 years on Frame

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