WR Medical Electronics Co. is the Leader in Full Autonomic Function Testing. Founded in 1962 with the mission of creating a global impact with its quality products and services. It is headquartered at Maplewood, Minnesot. They provide the best in class and high-quality Medical Equipment Manufacturing. Top class learned physicians in the field of neurology like Peter J. Dyck and Phillip A. Low collaboration has delivered world class autonomic functional and sensory threshold testing products. 

They are committed to providing full Autonomic and Peripheral testing solutions that are efficient, validated, and help physicians and patients find the answers they deserve sooner. 

As a manufacturer, it is known for its special medical equipment and devices. Moreover, their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a reputable name in the medical industry.  USA Manufacturer of Premium quality Neurophysiology, Spa Medical Devices, ENT, Physical Therapy & Rehab. 

They provide assessment of following with standard protocols:

  • AUTONOMIC DYSFUNCTION: Cardiovagal, sudomotor, and adrenergic results are combined into one report using integrated QSART, heart rate variability, and beat-to-beat blood pressure testing. 
  • SYNCOPE, POTS: The WR Tilt Table integrates Head-up Tilt testing for diagnosing dizziness or fainting causes. 
  • NEUROPATHY: CASE Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) System or touch test using monofilaments can assess length-dependent loss of sensation in vibration, touch, heat, and cooling. 
  • HYPERALGESIA: QST testing for heat pain is a reliable and repeatable method for evaluating an individual's perception of pain. 

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