Therapeutic Dimensions has been a leader in manufacturing well researched and effective hand and shoulder pulleys.  

The RangeMaster Shoulder Therapy System is a product made by Therapeutic Dimensions. They offer different types of shoulder pulleys that you can use for exercises. 

To regain your ability to move your shoulder and avoid getting hurt, it's important to stretch the muscles you've been strengthening. After doing exercises to make your muscles stronger, doing gentle stretches can help reduce pain and keep your muscles flexible and the right length. 

What is a Shoulder Pulley? 

When the shoulder gets dislocated or there is a sprain, a shoulder pulley is used which is a device that helps improve the range of motion and strength of the shoulder joint. It comes with a rope and handles that hangs from a pulley system attached to a door or an overhead structure. Various shoulder exercises can be performed using this device that gradually help in gently stressing the muscles and connective tissues of the shoulder. It is often used for physical therapy and rehabilitation after shoulder injury or surgery. 

Therapeutic Dimensions offers 2 main brands of Shoulder Pulleys-  

  1. BlueRanger - BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser comes with an over door shoulder pulley. It contains a webbing door strap and an adjustable line length. The blue color is very eye catching that helps in identifying lengths of motion. It is also accompanied by two molded plastic handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley. 
  2. RangeMaster - RangeMaster Shoulder Pulley specializes in relieving pain and increasing range of motion to the shoulder complex. The unique metal bracket easily slips over any door and the smooth nylon roller pulley is quiet and stabilizes with no vibrations.  

Where can I buy Therapeutic Dimensions products online? 

We, Health products For You offers a wide range of BlueRanger and RangeMaster pulleys, Stretch straps,  Shoulder Kits and more. Shop Now! 


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