Supersonic is a leader in Consumer and  Electronics manufacturing. Aim has been derived from core mission statement: To provide Design, Value and superior Quality products, which ensure years of ultimate entertainment experience for the consumers. They strive to offer innovative and quality products that fit into every individual lifestyle. Supersonic is continuously making an effort to satisfy the consumer’s current electronic needs. Supersonics current core product line includes ,Portable DVD Players, MID Units and Speakers, MP3/MP4 Players, MP3 Audio Speakers and Accessories, Boomboxes. Supersonic has kept a strong reputation by constantly offering the latest technology with exceptional quality consumer electronic products. Our focus  allows us to deliver unique product designs and high quality products . Our Company is constantly in tune with society’s changing technological requirements and reacts quickly to the demands of our consumers. Our company provides a constant stream of new products, which offer value to our customers. As such, Supersonic has become a first choice selection when choosing the electronic product you desire.  we at HPFY offers wide range of Supersonic products at competitive prices.