SafePath Products has been in business since 1994, as D.B.A. of Van Duerr Industries, Inc. and was the first company to patent and produce recycled transition products for the architectural door hardware industry. They assist in meeting and exceeding access code compliance by offering hundreds of economical alternative product solutions to traditional transition modifications. SafePath proudly manufactures ramps, landings, seismic surface transitions, flooring reducers and other industrial and residential products for ADA and access code compliance. All products are made from either 100% recycled rubber or 100% recycled composite materials of the highest quality. These attractive, slip-resistant products are easy to install and offer great economic advantages while providing a safe product solution. Proudly Made in USA!

Why Choose SafePath Products?

When you pick SafePath Products, you are settling on the decision to go with the highest quality item accessible for your business and private needs. We gladly remain behind our product lines and urge you to contact our friendly and educated staff to defeat your vertical boundary needs. When you buy from the SafePath™ Products line, you are getting ecologically feasible items that are 100% recycled and are altogether Made in the USA!!!

How to Choose between Wheelchair threshold ramp and Aluminum Ramp?

Both SafePath Rubber Ramp and aluminum ramps are available in the marketplace. SafePath Products makes incapacity access ramps made solely from the cleansed elastic of reused tires.

Wheelchair threshold ramps have several key advantages over aluminum handicap ramps:

  • Cost - Recycled rubber is far more affordable than aluminum
  • Safety - SafePath’s wheelchair threshold ramp rubber exceptionally slip-resistant. This is significantly important when it comes to the walking old for whom a solitary fall can be perilous. Aluminum wheelchair ramp requires exceptional treatment and occasional support for slip opposition, expanding the expense.
  • Installation - SafePath rubber threshold ramps are easy to install with silicone adhesive. No drilling or hardware is required, Sound. rubber threshold ramps are virtually soundless when walked upon. The aluminum ramp can be a major annoying with noisy “click-clack” of shoes or wheels clamoring over.
  • Load weight - SafePath’s rubber ramps have no maximum load limits, making them safe for supporting overwhelming gear, furniture, and machines when necessary. Aluminum ramps are inherently weak and limited when it comes to loading weight
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