Roll-A-Ramp specializes in portable ramps, RV ramps, van ramps, and semi-stationery modular ramps. All products are made from a 6061 Aerospace Aluminum with a T-6 harness which prevents rusting or oxidation from weather elements. These ramps can be used for light or heavy industry, for boats and marinas, wheelchairs and scooters, or anywhere that greater accessibility is helpful. It offers an accessibility solution for each individual situation. The prestigious Presidential E Award for exports is awarded to Roll-A-Ramp by U.S. Department of Commerce.


What makes Roll-A-Ramp Different?

Roll-A-Ramp has several distinctive features, that makes it stand out from other ramps.

Rolls Up:

The highly engineered design allows the ramp to roll up, similar to a sleeping bag. Once rolled up the user can store the ramp in the trunk of car, on boat, or in a closet that means easy handling and easy storage.

Link Construction:

Each Roll-A-Ramp is built-in links, which allows customizing the length as per the user requirement. These ramps are available in six widths and can be of any length in six inch increments. This allows the user to have multiple ramps in one. An 8’ ramp can turn into two 4’ ramps by splitting the ramp in half and adding extra approach plates.

Sturdy And Lightweight:

Ramp is made from 6061 aerospace aluminum with a T6 Rockwell hardness. This suggests a superior weight to capacity ratio. Ramps average 4-6 pounds per foot (wider ramps are heavier) creating them easy to set-up and carry. For example, a 30″ wide x 8′ long ramp weighs 41 pounds buy will support 1,000 pounds.

Placement Options:

Roll-A-Ramp is so versatile, that there are multiple options for placing ramp. This versatility allows the user to use Roll-A-Ramp just about anywhere such as home or vehicle accessibility, gangways for boats, or commercially to more easily load trucks.

10-Year Warranty:

If anything goes wrong with Roll-A-Ramp (if a piece bends or breaks etc.). User can replace it hassle-free at no cost.

We offer you a complete range of portable ramps, mount brackets, ramp links, tailgate brackets, release pins, load-bearing approach plates and non-load bearing approach plates at affordable prices that fits your need and enhance your satisfaction.


How much does the Roll-A-Ramp weigh?

Since the ramps can be of any length, and users can add links if they need to. The following method can be used to determine the weight based on the width of the ramp required.

  • 12″ ramp = 4 pounds per foot
  • 22” ramp = 5 pounds per foot
  • 26″ ramp = 6 pounds per foot
  • 30″ ramp = 6 pounds per foot
  • 36″ ramp = 7 pounds per foot
  • 48” ramp – 8 pounds per foot





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