Prism Medical is a renowned manufacturer with a rich history of providing superior patient-handling solutions. Prism Medical Products are specially designed to help in moving, handling, and bathing patients. They provide products that are cost-effective for tight budgets, along with premium options as per your requirements. Their product range is designed with safety and comfort in mind, both for patients and caregivers alike. Prism Medical also offers cost-effective solutions for a variety of client needs.

They offer products that are designed to help with: 

  • Moving patients
  • Handling patients
  • Bathing patients
  • Preventing accidental punctures and cuts from devices like syringes, scalpels, and sutures

Prism Medical Products Include

  • Ceiling Track Hoists (Ceiling Lifts)

    Prism Medical's ceiling lifts are designed to safely transfer patients with ease. They are suitable for various settings, including homes, hospitals, and care facilities.
  • Floor Lifts

    For situations where ceiling lifts aren't an option, there is a range of floor lifts from Prism Medical. These mobile lifts provide flexibility and stability, allowing caregivers to assist patients with standing, transferring, and positioning.
  • Lift Slings and Accessories

    To complement lift systems, Prism Medical brings a wide selection of slings and accessories. These ensure patient comfort, safety, and proper support during transfers.

Why Prefer Prism Medical Supplies?

Prism Medical manufactures easy and economical solutions for changing and showering. There are situations when children and grownups are unable to change or shower by themselves. In such cases, more supportive and specialized equipment is often required. Prism Medical products are designed to be hygienic and comfortable for the user and easy to use for the carer. Through close consultation with therapists and users, the practical, no-fuss range of products has evolved, giving confidence to both the specifier and the user.  

Quality Patient lifts and slings are very critical when it comes to safe patient transfers in homes and hospitals. Slings are the most important part of any hoist system as they are the interface between the patient and the hoist system, connecting both. Prism Medical slings are designed with years of experimentation; clients need the assessment and input of professionals and caregivers, making them the best of their kind.  

Where to buy Prism Medical Products online?

Shop for patient transfer, mobility, bathing, and patient handling products from Prism Medical at Health Products For You. Find ceiling lifts, patient lift slings, patient transfer/gait belts, hydraulic lifts, electric patient lifts, patient transfer and repositioning sheets, standing pivot transfer aids, and much more at affordable prices! Earn reward$ on every purchase that you can redeem later and save even more.