Looking for innovative mobility solutions that help people live a Life Without Limitations, Ossur, a leading global provider is the name to trust. Icelandic prosthetist Ossur Kristinsson, founded the company in 1971 and developed the breakthrough silicone interface for prosthetic sockets, the Iceross liner.  

Improving people’s mobility through innovative and breakthrough delivery of Prosthetics, Bracing & Supports and by accompanying patient care, has been the core values and areas of expertise for Ossur. 

Some of the most popular globally recognized brand names under Ossur product solutions include CTi, Rebound, Miami J, Unloader, Iceross, Pro-Flex, Proprio Foot and Rheo Knee. All these innovative product lines have one aim of improving people’s mobility and quality of life. 

The Ossur three main areas of expertise include -  

  1. Prosthetics – Ossur offers the widest and most reliable spectrum of prosthetic feet, knees, legs, hands and liners for amputees and people living with limb difference. Ossur is a global leader in innovative prosthetic devices.   
  2. Bracing and Supports – Ossur is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of braces and supports that include Ossur knee braces, Ossur Ankle Braces, Spine Supports, Wrist supports, Foot and Ankle braces, Hip Supports, cast room supplies and lot more. 
  3. Ossur Cold Therapy – Ossur's soothing cold therapy for post-op pain and swelling, including Cold Rush and Cold Rush Compact are well known global brands in innovative orthopedic devices. 

Where can I find Ossur Products online? 

HPFY carries wide range of products from Ossur that include prosthetic, injury, compression and bionic technology. You can find different products like walkers, braces, night splints, knee immobilizer and variety of support systems. 

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