Mangar USA

Mangar USA is a leading manufacturer of inflatable bathing and lifting products. Mangar products address the needs of people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed and taking a bath. They make everyday tasks for disabled and elderly people easy and help them retain their independence and dignity. They also help reduce the risk of strain and injury to caregivers. Mangar medical supplies can be easily removed and stored away after every use.

Mangar Bathing Products

Mangar manufactures a range of bathing cushions and bath lifts to make bathing easier. Bathing cushions are designed to lower the patients into a bathtub and then raise them again so they can easily get out once they are finished. Bath lifts are one step up from the cushions. They provide extra stability and back support to people who face difficulty getting out of the bathtub.

Mangar Patient Lifting Products

Patient lifting cushion is designed to provide a safe and dignified lift to patients. It supports and lifts the patient who is seated and helps him/her get out of the chair easily without much efforts. It also reduces the risk of injury to caregivers.

Mangar Bedroom Products

Mangar USA manufactures a range of bedroom aids including leg lifters and pillow lifts. Leg lifter is designed to help individuals who face difficulty in raising, lifting or transferring their legs in and out of the bed. Pillow lift is an inflatable backrest that allows the patient to sit up in a comfortable position in bed. The structured backrest molds around the body to give complete comfort while sleeping.



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