Aura Medical was established in 2013; they are dedicated to helping patients with respiratory problems. As per Aura Medical lungs, related problems/diseases have increased by around 30% in the last three decades. Respiratory therapists and ENT specialists widely recommend the Aura Portable Nebulizer. As Asthma and respiratory disease sufferers are rising drastically daily, Aura Medical supports the fight for breath. They work consistently to advance in the field of Inhalation Therapy. Aura Medical's mission is to provide "freedom to breathe"-- for all. With over 50 years of combined clinical experience, Aura Medical continues to give cutting-edge, technically advanced respiratory devices.   

They focus on manufacturing advanced respiratory devices with innovative technologies that deliver great results and quality products. Aura Medical builds quality products that are durable and reliable. They specialize in Nebulizer Machine, Nebulizer Supplies, Nebulizer Medicine, Nebulizer Medications, Nebulizer Treatment, Nebulizers for Kids, Portable Nebulizers, Travel Nebulizers, Albuterol Nebulizer, Omron Nebulizer, Battery Operated Nebulizer, and Nebulizer for Asthma.  

Health Products For You offers a collection of Aura Medical products like Aura Portable Nebulizer at competitive prices. Aura Portable Nebulizers are very popular products that benefit a lot of customers daily; a few of the key features of Aura Portable Nebulizers and Aura Mini Nebulizers are -   

  • Battery powered nebulizer  Speedy medication delivery - generally under 5 minutes  
  • FDA approved  
  • Virtually silent operation  
  • Delivers every last drop   

Aura Medical provides a range of accessories with its Nebulizers, making it easy for users to reuse the products for a longer time.     

Aura's Vibrating Mesh Technology -

Our lungs' function is to inhale air; this device helps patients mimic natural respirable particles the deeper the treatment/medicine reaches the lungs. The Aura nebs provide excellent outcomes with their patented vibrating mesh core.    

Thanks to increased effectiveness and improved medicinal delivery, 90% of Aura users reported needing their inhaler less often. Every Aura device has a patented vibrating mesh disc that releases inhalable fog-like vapor by vibrating over 100,000 times per second. According to clinical trials, smaller medicinal particles penetrate deeper into the respiratory system, making aerosol delivery more effective. 

Where to buy Aura Medical products online?

Health Products For You is an online retailer that provides a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies. We offer Aura Medical products: mini nebulizer, replacement medicine cups, spare adapter, and spare mouthpiece.  

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