Founded in 1975 and acquired by Norwest Equity Partners in 2014, Apothecary Products has been successfully running as a global leader in consumer health and wellness products. Innovation being the hard core value of the business, the company is a proud developer and manufacturer of medication management products and pharmacy supplies that help in resolving day-to-day consumer and patient needs along with easing hospital and clinical processes. All this has allowed them to secure over 70 patents.  

Some of the most popular Apothecary Products’ retail brands include Ezy Dose, Flents, Protechs and Wipe ‘N Clear that have become market leaders in medication management, pharmacy supply and eye, ear and injury care. The Ezy Dose medication management products’ easy-to-open feature has bagged them the honor of being endorsed by The Arthritis Foundation. 

Apothecary Products Specialties

Apothecary Products include thoughtful pill organizers, eye wash cups, medicine spoons, oral syringes, spoon dropper, pill crushers, and more.  

Where can I buy Apothecary Products medication management products online?

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including wide range of Apothecary Products medication management supplies at competitive prices. 


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