Treatment Tables

One of the most common treatment surface, treatment tables, in theory, are structured just like tables but have features that set them apart from standard tables. They are built to support the entire weight of a person and sometimes even the clothing or apparatus worn by the person. They are sturdy in structure and have a safe and padded surface to allow prolonged hours of treatment and rehab without any difficulty. The material is breathable which prevents rashes and irritation. They are made from wood, metal, or composite materials that are made to last. The frame of the tables is such that the pressure exerted is equally distributed which in turn prevents the table from snapping or collapsing. At Rehab store we have a wide range of strong and durable treatment tables from top selling brands such as Armedica, Hausmann Industries, Clinton Industries, etc.

Types of Treatment Tables

  • Hi-Lo Treatment Tables - Their height can be adjusted easily using a switch and cranking system. They are highly flexible and ergonomic in nature
  • Bariatric Treatment Tables - They are built to support bariatric patients and have a strong and steady build
  • H-Brace Treatment Tables - The frame is based on the h-brace concept that allows it to remain strong and durable for years together
  • Changing Treatment Tables - It is durable and most recommended for people who use the table frequently in a day. They also have storage cabinets
  • Pediatric Treatment Tables - They have prints of cartoons and animals on the sides to entertain and engage children
  • Adjustable Back Treatment Tables - They have an adjustable back rest for people who regulate between sleeping and sitting during the treatment

Benefits of Treatment Tables

  • Can support the weight of one person stably
  • Are strong and durable
  • Padded with comfortable cushion material to provide comfort
  • Can be used for prolonged hours
  • Breathable material to avoid irritation
  • Comes with adjustable features such as height adjustment, backrest adjustment, length adjustment, etc.