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What is Theraputty?

Theraputty is used to improve finger and hand strength. After an accident, sickness, surgery, stroke, or for those with other illnesses that reduce muscle tone and grip strength, it is frequently used in rehabilitation to increase hand strength. Therapy putty is immensely beneficial to people with carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Strengthen your hands by squeezing, stretching, twisting or pinching these items.
Therapy putty varies widely. Thera putty is a popular option among pediatric therapists, hand rehab specialists, and other OT and PT professionals when choosing occupational therapy products for strengthening the fingers and hands.
Children enjoy developing their fine motor skills working with different resistance levels. This brightly colored, non-toxic, non-sticky putty is fun to mold and stretch, hide coins or small toys and play hide and seek. Use it on by itself as a fun fidget or use it alongside other activities for added variety. There are so many possibilities to explore with this versatile putty!

Reasons to choose Therapeutic Putty

1. Increases Hand and Finger Strength

The strength of the hand is controlled by the forearm muscles. Loss of muscle mass and bone density that results from age or hand injuries decreases hand strength and dexterity, which makes it difficult to carry out daily chores. The forearm muscles and tendons of the fingers that control grip and pinch are re-strengthened through the use of therapy putty, a tool for hand strengthening. According to a study, patients with Parkinson's who engaged in therapy putty hand exercises significantly improved their motor dexterity, grip strength, and pinch ability.

2. Workouts for Fine Motor Skills

Therapy putty might help with fine motor skill development. Cognitive and motor ability decline in older persons is frequently a sign of diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Rolling, twisting, and shaping simple therapy putty exercises boost brain function, which may help fight off certain disorders or reduce their progression.

3. Reduces Pain from Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis patients endure chronic hand joint pain that impairs their ability to use their hands normally. Therapy putty hand movements enhance blood flow, release joints, and lessen discomfort and swelling. For hands with arthritis, a putty resistance system that progresses from soft to hard might be beneficial for improving joint range of motion.

4. Therapy putty offers Stress Relief

Theraputty reduces stress by relieving accumulated tension. It assists in rerouting bad feelings and thoughts from the mind and offers momentary tranquility. Your mind will be performing therapy putty exercises like rolling, squeezing, and stretching, which will help you focus on worthwhile tasks and push away irritating anxieties.

How to use Therapy Putty to Improve Carpal Tunnel and More?

Exercise 1: Spread the Claw

Works on: dexterity, strength

  1. Flatten a piece of putty.
  2. Make a claw with one hand.
  3. Place your "claw" into the putty.
  4. Push the fingers away from each other while they stay in the putty, widening the claw. Continue for a minute.
  5. Repeat on other hand.

Exercise 2: Pinch a Soda Can Tab

Works on: daily activities like popping a soda pop tab, twisting open a jar

  1. Work the putty into a blob-like shape.
  2. Place it on the table and use the thumb and index finger (on your dominant hand) to mimic the movements of popping open a can of soda.
  3. Repeat several times.
  4. Next, use your whole hand in a sideways motion to pretend you’re opening a jar of pickles. You can continue to use the putty to practice other actions you have trouble with, to help build up to the real thing.

Exercise 3: Roll With Flat Hand

Works on: finger extensions, range of motion in your elbows and forearms

  1. Remove the softest putty from the container. Place it on a counter or table.
  2. Keeping your hand flat, roll the putty back and forth, until it makes a long “hot dog” shape. Continue rolling for several minutes.
  3. Switch hands and repeat.

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Research Papers on Occupational Therapy Putty

Functional consultation and exercises improve grip strength in osteoarthritis of the hand – a randomised controlled trial