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What is Shoe Horn?

Shoe horns are curved scoops that are either fastened to the shoe with a clip or to an extended pole with a fixed or adjustable length. Folks usually utilize them to facilitate donning the shoe. Using a shoehorn is an easy operation. They are designed for persons of all ages and foot sizes and are available in plastic, wood, and metal alternatives. A long shoe horn is a preference for users who have difficulty bending over. A long-handled shoe horn allows you to put on your footwear with less bending. So it's a good idea to keep the extra-long shoehorn in the closet or close to the door.

When to use Shoehorn?

How to use a Shoe Horn to put on your shoes safely?

  • Put the shoehorn's blade on the back of the shoe towards the heel.
  • Put your heel against the shoehorn's blade and slide your toes into the front of the shoe.
  • Press down with the heel on the blade of the shoehorn.
  • The shoehorn's flat surface makes it simple to slip the heel into the shoe.
  • Pull out the shoehorn gently after the heel is in the shoe.

What are the different materials of Shoehorns?

Metal shoe horns

Metal shoe horns will generally come in stainless steel and are even better in terms of durability. The smooth texture and finish of these shoe horns will make it easier to slide your feet into the shoes, even if you decide to go sockless.

Plastic shoe horns

Plastic shoe horns are inexpensive, which makes them a good choice if you want to buy multiple shoe horns to keep in your bags and drawers at home or work. These are very light and are easy to pack and carry.

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Where to buy Shoehorns Online?

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