Scrub Tops

Scrub Tops are protective clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers in hospitals to promote clean and sterile working conditions. They are made from smooth and comfortable fabric that is easy to care, wash, and wear. Their loose fitting and side slits at the hips allow users to walk freely and comfortably. Scrub tops usually have patch pockets in front to provide the users with quick access to their medical tools. Browse through our wide range of scrub tops to help complete your healthcare uniform.

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How To Choose The Right Scrub Top?

  • Whenever you are buying a scrub top, first check whether it is unisex or sized for men and women separately. The scrubs sized for women feature a slight curve at the waist whereas the unisex and male scrubs feature a straight fit. 

  • The second thing you should consider while buying a scrub top is its length. It is suggested that the length should cover you below the hips so that you can work comfortably without pulling your top down each time you bend. 

  • For both men and women, scrub tops should not be too low cut to avoid any kind of embarassing situation when you lean on your patients to diagnose them. 

  • Vents or side slits can help in increasing comfort and providing air.