Scrub Pants

Scrub Pants are sanitary clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers involved in hospitals to promote a clean and sterile environment. They are made from high-quality materials to ensure that, whatever the situation is, the user stays comfortable all day long. The elasticated drawstring waist conforms to the shape and size, ensuring that the user has complete freedom of movement. They usually have a large, easy-to-access, back pocket to hold essential items. Browse through our wide range of scrub pants by Medline Industries to help complete your healthcare uniform.

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How To Choose The Right Scrub Pant?

Consider the following factors while choosing a scrub pant:

1. Scrub Pant Style

The pant style should be such that it compliments the body shape and helps in the effective implementation of the responsibilities. Flare leg scrub pants can help in balancing your bust or hips, but trip you up if you are petite.

2. Drawstrings or Buttons

Waistbands of the scrub pants can have drawstrings, buttons, or both to hold the pants in place. Both of them help in adjusting the pant and make a firm grip around your waist. But if you face weight fluctuations, then drawstrings are more preferable than buttons.