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Respiratory illnesses can range from a minuscule allergic infection to graver and more complicated respiratory conditions, such as asthma or COPD, that can potentially impact a person’s social and private life. 

Respiratory therapy is a treatment method used to alleviate signs and symptoms and aims to restore healthy breathing function. 

Benefits of Respiratory Therapy 

1. Quicker Healing 

Respiratory therapy can expedite the recovery time from acute respiratory conditions, such as allergies and influenza. Respiratory therapy, along with the treatment, helps the patients get back to routine activities quicker. 

2. Getting Control Back 

Respiratory problems can adversely impact the quality of life, leading to loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Respiratory therapy aids in regaining some degree of independent functioning. 

3. Boosts Immunity 

Respiratory therapy mainly focuses on improving immune function. A compromised respiratory system can make a person an easy target for allergens and pathogens. Respiratory products help in keeping the body safe and boost immunity. 

Where to buy Respiratory Therapy Supplies? 

Rehab Store carries a variety of supplies for effective respiratory therapy to treat respiratory ailments and keep up with lung health. We offer supplies for a breathing treatment, including -  

1. Compressors and Nebulizer 

Chronic respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD make breathing difficult for the affected person. People dealing with respiratory ailments require respiratory therapy systems such as nebulizers.  

A nebulizer is a device used to deliver drugs and medication in mist form directly into the respiratory tract. It breaks the medicine into small aerosol droplets inhaled directly via a mouthpiece. 

2. PEP Therapy System 

PEP therapy systems are used to clear excessive lung secretions, reduce gas trapping and improve lung ventilation. PEP is a small device in which the patient exhales utilizing a mask.  

3. CPAP Masks 

Nasal or CPAP masks provide proper respiration at night and prevent the airways from collapsing. They provide effective therapy without having to cover the entire nose. You can browse a wide range of CPAP masks at the Rehab Store for effective therapy sessions.  

4. Oxygen Cannulas 

Oxygen therapy involves using oxygen cannulas, tubing, and other accessories. These are designed to make the treatment better. Oxygen cannulas are often reusable and must be cleaned regularly to prevent infections. 

5. Tracheostomy Supplies 

Tracheostomy supplies offer an air passage for breathing when it is impossible to breathe normally. These supplies include aspirators, trach collars, and trach tubes from trusted manufacturers to provide the best support to patients.