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Pulmonary rehabilitation is a therapy designed to enhance the lung function of an individual and improve their breathing capacity. Pulmo rehab is generally used to rehabilitate patients who have suffered from chronic lung disease such as pulmonary fibrosis, acute tuberculosis, COPD, and in the current times, COVID-19.

COVID-19 has been one of the most dominant diseases in the world since last year and some of the major side effects faced by people who have recovered from COVID is decreased lung function and reduced breathing capacity. Pulmonary rehab is one of the most effective and efficient ways of helping cope with these side effects.

What does Pulmonary Rehabilitation consist of?

Pulmo rehabilitation is a formal program that helps improve your respiratory fitness and helps enhance your breathing. People who have suffered from COVID or other chronic lung conditions often face difficulties in executing simple actions such as climbing stairs, walking, or running without falling short of breath. Pulmonary rehabilitation includes:
  • Exercise
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Diet Changes
  • Managing Medications
  • Engaging in Support Groups

Exercises for Pulmonary Rehab

Exercise is one of the key factors of a successful program of pulmonary rehabilitation. Here are some major exercises that can help enhance your respiratory health and enhance breathing.

Upper Body Exercises – The muscles of the upper body are the ones that support your chest and lungs and are responsible for the major control of your breathing. Exercises for pulmo rehab include pull ups, push-ups, using shoulder pulleys, and hand exercises.

Lower Body Exercises
– Studies have proven that lower body exercises help maintain overall muscle health and so are also an important part of pulmonary rehab. Lower body exercises for pulmo rehabilitation include walking, treadmill walking or running, stair climbing, pedal exercises, etc.

Breathing Exercises
– Breathing exercises help strengthen in the inside of the respiratory system. Breathing exercises such as inhaling and exhaling schedules, using a breather exerciser, and yoga can help enhance your breathing function from the inside.

Inspiratory Muscle Training for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Inspiratory muscle training or IMT is one of the foremost ways of resistance training designed to strengthen the muscles that are required for breathing. Conditions such as COVID-19 and other chronic lung conditions can weaken the muscles in the trachea, chest, nasal region, and the diaphragm causing difficulties in breathing. IMT can help strengthen these muscles within weeks of regulated training schedules which in turn reduce bouts of breathlessness and fatigue due to breathing.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Pulmo Rehab

NMES or neuromuscular electric stimulation is a part of electrotherapy treatment used to stimulate the muscles and neurons under the skin to improve their function and enhance their strength. NMES is a proven part of a pulmonary rehabilitation schedule to help strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system and enhance their function. TENS and EMS units can be used as a part of neuromuscular electric stimulation to prevent shortness of breath.