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What are Bibs? 

A bib is a piece of fabric or plastic fastened around the user’s neck to protect clothes from food stains and liquid spills while eating. Adult bib has the same function as babies; the only difference is size. Bibs are considered clothing protectors that fit around the front upper torso allowing a more comfortable and neater eating experience.  

Rehab Store carries an extensive range of bibs that helps protect the user against food and spilled beverages. Some adult bibs come with crumb catchers that keep food from falling onto the chair or floor. Bibs for adults are available in various materials, styles, and designs. 

Why use Clothing Protectors for Adults? 

Old age, medical conditions, and limited mobility can make the simple task of eating difficult. Eating can be messy for older adults. Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer'sbecome confused about how to eat. It becomes hard to manipulate utensils and cut things with arthritis. Medical conditions such as stroke can cause difficulty in swallowing and chewing. People with Parkinson’s suffer from weak muscles and uncontrollable tremors. 

The above conditions can impact eating, and people often end up leaving their clothes covered with food stains and making quite a mess. Adult bib provides a barrier from the food and beverages spilling onto the clothes, protecting them and making mealtime easier to manage. 

Adult Bib benefits  

  • Improves eating experience for people with limited strength and mobility  
  • Keeps patient clean and dry    
  • Aids caregivers in hassle-free feeding of patients 
  • Protects clothes from stains and spillage  
  • Helps seniors self-feed without making a mess 
  • Prevents cross-contamination in hospital facilities 
  • Helps reduce laundry and clothing changes 
  • Saves mess and clean up time 
  • Helps seniors dine with dignity  

What to look for when buying Bibs for Adults? 

  • Reusable vs. Disposable: The first thing to consider when buying the adult bib is whether you need a reusable or disposable one. Washable adult bibs are long-lasting and can be reused countless times. Disposable bibs can be conveniently thrown away after each use, saving the caregiver’s time and energy. People often choose washable bibs when at home and disposable ones when out of the house.  
  • Material: Fabric is another factor to consider when buying a bib. Bibs are usually made of terrycloth, polyester, flannel, denim, vinyl, etc. Cotton terry cloth is soft and easy to wash but will shrink, whereas polyester lasts long but is not absorbent as cotton. Material selection should be based on the needs of the patient or the facility. 
  • Size: Bibs come in various sizes. Some offer full chest protection, while others are long enough to protect clothing neck-to-lap from food stains and liquid spills. The longer and wider the bib, the more protection one gets and the fewer chances of spillage soaking the clothes. You can choose the right size depending on the patient’s condition and personal preferences. 
  • Waterproof: Waterproof adult bibs are made from absorbent materials with a waterproof lining to prevent liquids from soaking into the clothes. If your loved ones shake a lot when holding cups or utensils, waterproof bibs can provide good protection for the clothing. 
  • Crumb Catchers: Some bibs come with a pocket at the bottom which holds crumbs as it falls while having a meal. For messy eaters, bibs with crumb catchers are perfect. 
  • Closure Type: Adult bibs have different types of closures, such as hook and loop closure, knot button closure, snaps, and self-ties. Snaps can be challenging for people with diminishing strength and dexterity since they require little effort and precision to be closed. Hook and loop closure may be much easier to use for them. So, consider the closure type while buying bibs for your loved ones. 

Where to buy Adult Bibs online? 

Feeding older adults and people with disabilities can be quite an issue. Clothing protectors for adults help in accomplishing this complex task without hassle. Rehab Store offers a wide range of bibs, from reusable and reversible to waterproof and disposable.  

The adult bibs are made from high-quality and durable materials providing reliable clothing protection during mealtime. Buy bibs from established manufacturers such as Medline, Patterson Medical, Careactive, Dynarex, etc., at the best prices. Shop today for a pleasurable dining experience. 

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