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What is an Adaptive Cutting Board?

An adaptive cutting board is a special cutting board designed for individuals with reduced hand strength or who have only the use of one hand. The adaptive cutting board enables the user to hold food in place for cutting, peeling, grating, or other food preparation purposes. The One Handed Cutting Board typically has the following features:  

  • Raised edges that hold the food in place and prevent it from falling off the board. The raised edges allow the bread to be easily spread with one hand. 
  • Spikes hold bread or vegetables firmly in place while they are being sliced or chopped. 
  • Suction cup feet that secure the cutting board to the counter so it will not move. 

Who would benefit from One Handed Cutting Boards?

One-handed cutting boards are useful for people with limited or no use of one hand. Stroke survivors, amputees, people with arthritic conditions and neurological impairments, and people who struggle with dexterity problems will benefit greatly from adaptive cutting boards. Additionally, these kitchen aids work well for low-vision users. 

Benefits of an Adaptive Cutting Board

A cutting board is an important kitchen aid for food preparation. People with limited hand strength find it difficult to use a regular cutting board. The non-slip cutting board is a game-changer for individuals with arthritis, neurological ailments, low vision, and other health issues.  

Adapted Cutting Boards drastically reduce the challenge of cutting, slicing, and dicing and help relieve the stress of meal preparation. They also improve the user's independence and safety in the kitchen. 

Best-Selling One-Handed Cutting Boards at Rehab Store

  • This adaptive cooking equipment comes in varying forms and is specially designed for individuals with medical conditions that affect hand and arm dexterity or require one-handed use.  
  • The One-Handed Deluxe Maple Cutting Board includes stainless steel spikes to hold the food firmly in place, providing the user with better control and reducing the risk of accidents. It has a walled corner to allow for one-handed spreading of butter and other toppings on food.  
  • The Etac Swedish One-Handed Food Preparation Cutting Board is a multifunctional food preparation tool that helps stir, whip, cut, and shred easily. It features a clamp that locks in place with a lever that will hold food items in place for cutting and can also be used for various tasks such as holding mixing and salad bowls.  
  • Some one-handed cutting boards come with an attached knife, such as the Parsons Combination Cutting Board, which is ideal for individuals with upper extremity, fine motor or grasping problems, or tremors. The attached knife can be removed for cleaning and sharpening. 
  • All these cutting boards have suction cups under the board to secure it to the work surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is an adaptive cutting board different from a regular cutting board?

An adaptive cutting board typically refers to a cutting board designed with features or modifications to enhance accessibility and usability for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. It may have features like suction cups, spikes, or clamps to secure the board in place, making it easier for users to chop, slice, or dice food with one hand.

2. How do suction cups on adapted cutting boards work?

Suction cups on the bottom of the cutting board create a secure grip on the countertop, preventing the board from slipping or sliding during use. Users can press the board down to activate the suction, and it can be easily lifted when not in use.

3. Can individuals without disabilities use one handed cutting board?

Yes, a cutting board for one handed person is versatile and can be used by anyone. The features that make them helpful for individuals with disabilities, such as stability and ease of use, can also benefit others in the kitchen.

Where to buy Adaptive Cutting Board online? 

Rehab Store carries high-quality cutting boards of various types to help people with hand weakness remain independent in the kitchen. We supply one-handed cutting boards from leading manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Patterson Medical, Etac, etc. Shop now to make meal preparation safer and more comfortable.