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Angled Utensils are designed for users with difficulty having a firm grip on the eating utensils. Patients with arthritis or Parkinson's disease often find it challenging to hold the eating tools due to their uncontrolled hand movement. Bendable utensils for eating consist of different styles like curved utensils, angled utensils, and more. Curved eating tools make eating easier by reducing the efforts to bend the hand or wrist. These are ideal for users with decreased arm strength. Our selection of bendable and angled utensils makes eating easy and independent.

Benefits of Angled Utensils

  • Swivel utensils are useful when wrist or finger motion is absent or limited
  • Helps make dining easier for people with limited hand movement
  • They are curved to an angle that is comfortable for the user to hold and use
  • Utensils with a larger grip or handle make grasping easier
  • These eating tools can be called Parkinson's utensils as they make the eating process easier for people with this disease

What are the types of Eating Utensils for Parkinson's Patients?

There is a variety of eating utensils recommended for those who find difficulty in gaining their nutrition due to an imbalance in their hand movements. Some of the eating tools for tremors are:

Weighted Utensils

Weighted Utensils are used to provide additional weight to help stabilize hand and arm movements for those who experience tremors or shakes when eating. The utensils like Comfy Grip Weighted Utensils can help stabilize shaking for people who have had a stroke.

Bendable and Angled Utensils

These utensils help individuals with restricted mobility, diminished strength, and/or limited hand and wrist dexterity to have access to their food independently. The forks and spoons of Good Grips Bendable Utensils have a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows them to be bent at any angle, for either left or right-handed use.

When to use Curved Utensils?

These utensils for eating independently are indicated to assist individuals suffering from:

  • Limited arm movement
  • Swivel utensil for Parkinson's disease
  • Neurological impairments
  • Recent stroke
  • Weak grasp
  • Adaptive utensils for tremors

Where to buy Angled Eating Utensils online?

Angled Utensils are designed for individuals with limited wrist or hand range of motion due to arthritis, hand tremors, Parkinson's, carpal tunnel, or dexterity issues. At Rehab Store you will get a wide range of Adapted Utensils for people with limited hand or wrist movement from top-selling manufacturers like Patterson Medical, Essential Medical, Maddak, and more.

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