Tumble Forms

Tumble Forms is a brand of Sammons Preston. Tumble Forms 2 products are designed especially for children and adults with special needs including vestibular therapy,  pediatric and adolescent toileting,  therapeutic positioning, postural seating, mobility, fine & gross motor activity. TF 2 products with antimicrobial protection combine innovative design with superior craftsmanship to provide a high degree o functionality, durability and attractiveness.


Why choose Tumble Forms Products?

  • TF products are designed with versatility in mind,  it highlight a modular design which therapists, and caregivers can place in an infinite ways to provide specified and unique positioning.
  • These products come in a wide variety of sizes that can be used by the adults, toddlers thus help in reinforcing correct positioning during therapeutic activities or just simple daily living activities.
  • May of the Tumble Forms Products have the adjustability to be used in the prone, standing or supine positions.
  • Used in the clinical and facility settings at home or at clinics.


Tumble Forms Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to move around
  • Completely washable, odor, solvent, water and stain resistant
  • Resistant to cracking, durable, comes with shock-absorbing foam that retains its shape.
  • Easy to maintain products
  • Has non-toxic coatings
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