DonJoy develop the concept of functional knee bracing over 40 years ago, and continues to lead the progression of performance by listening to athletes, consulting physicians, studying the body and pushing the envelope of innovation. DonJoy braces and cold therapy systems are standard equipment for competitors in 44 countries and they count on us to create world class products, while medical professionals look to us for unmatched service and in-depth education. The result is complete confidence for those who use DonJoy Cold therapy system and braces and for those who prescribe them.


DonJoy Cold Therapy System

DonJoy offers top cold therapy systems such as IceMan CLASSIC3 cold therapy unit, and IceMan CLEAR3 cold therapy unit. Donjoy Cold Therapy System helps to provide extended cold therapy to aid in a variety of indications and protocols as directed by a medical professional. It helps to reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation and recovery. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented recirculation system, which helps maintain more consistent and accurate temperatures than other competitive cold therapy units, in a pre-set configuration.


DonJoy Orthopedic Supplies

DonJoy provides orthopedic Supplies such as knee braces, arm, and shoulder braces, arm slings, foot, and ankle braces. Designed especially to stabilize, correct and prevent the post strains, sprains, dislocation or fracture injuries.

Donjoy Knee braces and supports are worn as a medium to relieve knee pain and provide medial and lateral support. At times Knee braces are used to prevent injury during sports. These supports are a health aid that comforts in daily living. Knee braces made the prevention and treatment of all types of knee injuries easy. Knee supports and braces are made of diverse combinations of materials like metal, foam, plastic, and straps, available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Offer Superior/Inferior straps for compression and support

Arm and Shoulder braces are designed to address situations like soft tissue injury, shoulder capsule, and rotator cuff disorder, etc. It helps prevent post-operative internal rotation contractures. Great comfort and Allows the arm to be positioned in a variety of positions

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