Sunset Healthcare Mini Mesh Nebulizer

Sunset Healthcare Mini Mesh Nebulizer

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Sunset Healthcare Mini Mesh Nebulizer is specially designed to offer effective quick treatment capabilities. It makes it possible for the patient to nebulize the majority of commonly prescribed aerosol drugs whenever and wherever they choose.

Highlights of Sunset Mini Mesh Nebulizer

  • Lightweight
  • Fast treatment times
  • Attainable for more patients
  • Runs on USB or 2 AA batteries

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NEB400 78"L x 41"W x 73"H Each

Sunset Portable Nebulizer Features

  • It fits easily in a handbag or briefcase
  • This device can be used in the home, hospital, and sub-acute care settings
  • Features ultrasonic vibrating mesh nebulizer system designed to aerosolize physician-prescribed liquid medications for inhalation to a patient

Sunset Mini Nebulizer Includes:

  • Main unit
  • USB cord
  • Carry bag
  • Adult mask
  • Mouthpiece
  • User manual
  • Pediatric mask
  • Medication cup

How to use NEB400 Mini Mesh Nebulizer?

  1. Hold the device in the upright position. In this position, the nebulizing mesh is completely immersed in medication and able to become aerosolized when power is turned on
  2. Gently position the mouthpiece between teeth with lips firmly sealed around it. Be calm and relaxed when inhaling and exhaling through the mouth. Breathe in slowly and deeply to allow proper deposition of aerosol in the airway
  3. After completing the therapy, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the device

How to Insert or Replace the Batteries of NEB400?

  1. Turn the unit upside down
  2. Remove the battery cover by sliding it in the direction of the arrow
  3. Insert batteries (not included) according to the battery polarity shown inside
  4. Slide back the battery cover into the original position (in the direction of the arrow) to complete the replacement
  5. Battery life depends on the capacity and condition of the batteries
  6. In general, the device can operate for approximately 4 days with new batteries, based on a usage of a 20-minute daily treatment, or 90 continuous minutes


  • A constant green light indicates proper function.
  • Low battery power is indicated by a flashing orange light. Replace both batteries with new ones.
  • No light indicates a malfunction. Please contact the local dealer/place of purchase.

How to Connect Power Adapter to Mini Mesh Nebulizer?

  1. Remove batteries before using a nebulizer with a USB cord
  2. Insert the large USB cable end into a USB power source
  3. Remove the USB power socket cover on the bottom of the main unit and insert the small USB cable end into the USB socket
  4. Turn the power on
  5. Inhale

How to Assemble the Unit and Fill the Medication Cup?

  1. Assemble the medication cup: Assemble the device by firmly attaching the medication cup to the main unit, making sure the three locks are aligned with the inner latches
    Assembling NEB400
  2. Open the medication cup cover
  3. Fill in the prescribed medication: The maximum capacity is 8 ml/cc
  4. Carefully replace the cover until it is firmly sealed with a “click” sound
  5. The device is now ready for use

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Remove the medication cup from the main unit by pushing the medication cup release button and gently pulling up in the direction of the arrow
  2. Open the medication cup cap, empty the medication, discard the remaining solution, and then close the cap
  3. Fill the medication cup with distilled water and nebulize for 1-2 minutes to remove any residual medication in the mesh holes. Visually inspect the mesh holes immediately
  4. Turn off the device and remove the power source
  5. Remove the medication cup from the main unit
  6. Thoroughly rinse the medication cup (both inside and outside), mesh, and mouthpiece with distilled water. Appropriately, scrub the cup and mouthpiece with fingers with distilled water
  7. Air dry the medication cup, mesh, and mouthpiece, or use a clean cloth or paper towel
  8. Make sure that all cleaned parts are completely dried before installation
  9. Clean the main unit and the electrodes by wiping them off with (moistened) gauze. Use dry gauze to wipe the main unit
  10. Visually inspect the parts after cleaning for any soiling or build-up. If there is any, repeat the cleaning steps
  11. Store the device in a dry, clean place


Keep the battery and power adapter compartment dry at all times

Neb400 Mini Mesh Nebulizer User Manual


Particular Specification
Vibrating Frequency Approx. 117kHz
Power Source 2 AA Batteries or USB 5V
Power Consumption Less than 1.5W
Nebulization Rate =0.25 ml/min
Particle Size Approx. 5um (MMAD)
Capacity of Medicine Cup 8ml
Operating Temperature Range 50°F - 100°C - 40°C
Operating Humidity Range 30% - 85% RH
Storage Temperature Range -68°F - 158°F - 20°C - 70°C
Storage Humidity Range 20% - 75% RH


1 Year

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