Breg RoadRunner Neoprene Open Back Pull-On Knee Brace With Adjustable Horseshoe

Breg RoadRunner Neoprene Open Back Pull-On Knee Brace With Adjustable Horseshoe

Brand/Manufacturer: BREG INCORPORATED
  • FSA Approved

Breg Roadrunner Soft Knee Brace provides control and support for patients with ligament injuries and instabilities. It is a unique variation of the traditional Breg RoadRunner. This brace also helps in post-op treatment and mild OA.

Why choose RoadRunner Soft Knee Brace?

  • Polycentric hinges with adjustable flexion extension stops
  • Internally adjustable horseshoe
  • 4-strap configuration provide extra stability
  • Brace measures 16" in length

Item # Desc Pkg Price
6971 X-Small Each
6973 Medium Each
6975 X-Large Each
6976 2X-Large Each

When to use Breg RoadRunner Knee Brace?

Roadrunner Soft Knee Brace is indicated for people who face the below-mentioned problems:

  • Most ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries and instabilities
  • Mild OA
  • Meniscal injuries

RoadRunner Knee Brace User Manual

What to buy with Breg Knee Support?

How to use Breg RoadRunner Neoprene Knee Brace?

  1. The wrap-on brace is applied with the closures in the front of the leg and the kneecap cutout centered over the knee. Secure the closures firmly.
  2. The slip-on brace is applied by pulling the brace on with the kneecap cutout centered over the knee.
  3. Both the wrap-on and pull-on braces have tightening straps. The straps should be tightened firmly, starting with the two straps closest to the knee.
  4. Both flexion and extension stops are supplied with the brace. The brace comes with a 10° extension stop already installed. The stops are labeled in degrees as follows; Extension Stops: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° & 40°, Flexion Stops: 45°, 60°, 75° & 90° (no flexion stops are installed upon shipment).
  5. To change the stops, first, completely remove the screw. Then remove the stop. Insert the new stop, align with the holes in the hinge, then reinsert the screw.
  6. Using a Phillips head screw driver, ensure that the screws are seated in the recess and completely tightened. Both medial (inside) and lateral (outside) hinge stops must be identical in degree.
    Note: Due to soft tissue compression, we recommend the use of extension stops at least 10° greater than the desired limit. (e.g., if you desire a 10° extension limit, use the 20° extension stop).

How to clean RoadRunner Knee Support?

  • After exposure to salt water or dirt, thoroughly rinse the brace with fresh water and allow to air dry.
  • A dry lubricant, such as teflon spray, may be used on the hinge occasionally. Do not use wet lubricants.
  • The hinge assemblies may be removed to allow easier washing of the sleeve and straps.
  • The side bars may be bent to accommodate individual legs. Bend in equal amounts above and below the hinge.
  • Periodically inspect the sleeve, straps and hinges for excessive wear. Be sure all screws are tight and stops in place.

Warnings and Cautions

  • United States federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.
  • For single patient use only.
  • If you experience increased pain, swelling, or any adverse reactions while using this product, immediately consult your medical professional.
  • Carefully read use instructions and warnings prior to operation.
  • This device will not prevent or reduce all injuries. Proper rehabilitation and activity modification are also an essential part of a safe treatment program.

RoadRunner Specifications

Size Thigh Circumference
X-Small 12" - 15" (30-38 cm)
Small 15" - 18" (38-46 cm)
Medium 18" - 21" (46-53 cm)
Large 21" - 24" (53-61 cm)
X-Large 24" - 27" (61-69 cm)
XX-Large 27" - 30" (69-79 cm)
Circumference taken 6" (15 cm) above mid patella


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