Aspen CTO Spinal Brace

Aspen CTO Spinal Brace

  • FSA Approved

CTO Brace by Aspen is the Cervicothoracic Bracing System. It provides quantifiable and effective motion restriction of the cervical and upper thoracic spine with a level of comfort that makes it well tolerated by patients. With progressive motion restriction from a stand-alone cervical collar to a two-post device and four-post orthosis, physicians can now prescribe patient therapies based upon the needs defined at specific vertebral levels to help ensure the best possible outcomes. For these reasons, Aspen CTO offers versatility when dealing with cervical-thoracic problems in today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment.

Why is CTO Brace by Aspen recommended?

  • This Aspen CTO integrates Aspen's innovative cervical collar with an upper thoracic support vest, providing control in three planes of motion.
  • Aspen's proprietary FlexTab technology effectively disperses pressure to counter the stress on the skin.
  • CTO brace is designed with holes and open-cell foam to maintain airflow and wick away moisture.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
100016-030 Aspen CTO, Regular Each
100016-040 Aspen CTO, Tall Each
100016-050 Aspen CTO, X-Tall Each
100337-000 Aspen CTO, Pediatric Each
100016-020 Aspen CTO, Short Each

What are the Features of Aspen- CTO Brace

  • Optimal Motion Restriction 
  • Maintain airflow and prevents skin breakdown
  • Eliminates pressure sore from long use
  • Easy to remove and Washable foam pads
  • Easily adjustable for varying levels of support required.
  • The CTO brace is MRI compatible because no ferrous metal is used.
  • Multiple options for cervical and spinal bracing:

    Ostomy Types

    • Incorporates Aspen’s innovative cervical collar & upper thoracic support vest, giving freedom to the CTO Brace to step down from 4 post CTO to a 2 post-CTO Brace and then to a stand-alone Cervical collar for neck support.

    Ostomy Types

    • Designed from detailed research about motion allowed in flexion and extension when moving from the four post CTO to a two post CTO, and finally to an Aspen Cervical Collar by university researchers and practicing clinicians who quantified cervical motion restriction at each vertebral segment.

What Does Aspen CTO Brace System Include? 

  • Cervical Collar
  • CTO Vest
  • Breathable foam paddings
  • Cotton Liners.

Who can use CTO? When can one Use Aspen CTO?

CTO brace is used by patients recovering from an injury or surgery that requires immobilization of the cervical and upper thoracic spine. 

Aspen CTO can be used under the following conditions:

  • Decompressive procedures
  • Fracture management
  • Post-surgical stabilization
  • Whiplash
  • Sprains/strains
  • Cervicogenic headache
  • Cervical disc syndrome
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Radiculopathy

How to measure for a CTO Brace?

  • Use the Aspen CTO Cervical Collar Sizing Guide to measure the patient for the correct size Aspen Collar.
  • Measure the chest circumference 1 inch below the tip of the Xiphoyd process.
  • For circumferences smaller than 39”, trim the ends of the belt panels at the notch.
  • Attach the belt by aligning the keyhole over the aluminum rivet and pull to lock in place. Do this on both sides.

Fitting instructions for Aspen- CTO Brace

  • Fit the collar to the patient as described in the Aspen collar instruction sheet with graphics.
  • For Supine Position: Slide the CTO Brace underneath the patient while compressing the mattress cover. Log roll the patient if needed.
  • For Ambulatory Position: Line up the control clamp to the centerline on the chest and attach the hook and loop.
  • Snap the shoulder straps into place and loosely tighten. The Bars can be bent to accommodate patient anatomy.

Precautions & Warnings for using the Aspen CTO

Proper training is required in the use of this device before it is applied. These directions are guidelines only and are not offered as medical recommendations. Proper fitting is required for this product to be effective.


Do not use the CTO brace if there are any of the following issues:

  • The user has allergies to any of the materials listed.
  • The individual has any circulatory disorder that can cause swelling of the lymphatic tissue.
  • The individual has any conditions that prevent them from being able to wear the CTO brace by Aspen according to medical instructions.

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