Tilt Tables

Tilt tables are specially designed for rehabilitation or nursing home use. They have a unique design with horizontal to vertical adjustability that offers the required range of motion for the therapy. The tilt table treatment can prove to be helpful for lateral flexion and postural drainage. They assist in physiotherapy treatments as well. Tilt treatment tables usually come with safety straps and closures to ensure patient safety. At Rehab store, we offer a wide assortment of manual and motorized tilt tables from top-selling names of the industry like Medline Industries, Bailey Manufacturing, Hausmann Industries, etc.

How Do Tilt Tables Operate?

  • Tilt tables are designed to have padded upholstered top for comfort and extra wide straps with hook and loop closures for safety. 

  • Depending on the model, they are either adjusted manually or by remote. 

  • Patients are secured to the table top with the help of straps. 

  • Then the table is smoothly elevated to a standing position. 

  • The table creates a change in the posture of the patient. 

  • This change is used to diagnose the patient and measure the variations in his/her blood pressure.