Hi-Lo Treatment tables

Hi-Lo treatment tables are one of the most commonly used treatment tables at homes and care centers because of their added features of being height adjustable and flexible. They have a switch and cranking system at the bottom that allows the user to adjust the height according to their needs. Different adjustable treatment tables have a different range of adjustment. These height adjustable treatment tables also have a stipulated limit to which they can be raised or lowered. This allows the patient as well as the caregiver to easily adjust the height without risking any chance of falling or slipping. A foot controlled pedal, in most cases, allows the caregiver to adjust the height. They are padded and have breathable material. At Rehab store we have a wide range of sturdy hi-lo treatment tables from top selling brands such as Armedica, Everway Medical Instruments, Oakworks Inc, etc.

Benefits of Hi-Lo Treatment Tables

  • Height adjustable 

  • Sturdy and durable 

  • Padded surface for comfort 

  • Breathable material to avoid irritation 

  • Foot pedal to ease the height adjustment 

  • Flexible and ergonomic