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Drop foot, it can happen because of a big injury or a serious health issue like diabetic neuropathy. Sometimes, it can even occur from simple things like crossing your legs or kneeling. Drop foot is when nerves or muscles are not working well, making it hard for big muscle groups to coordinate. It could be temporary or permanent.

What is the Use of Foot Support For Bed

This Foot Support For Bed is made of a soft material with a cover that can be placed on a bed. Make sure the patient's heels are over the open part at the bottom of the footrest. The bumpy part of the material goes under the legs, past the knees, to avoid stretching the knees too much. Attach the two side pieces with the straps provided. Put the bedding on top of the support, covering the toes. This prevents extra pressure on the feet and helps avoid foot problems and turning of the feet.

When you place the Support on the bed, it can usually lean against the foot of the bed. If the person is very short, you can use a pillow between the Support and the foot of the bed. Another way to keep the Support in place is to tuck the top sheet under it or tie a ribbon from the loops on the sides to the bed frame. This product can be useful in stopping swelling (Oedema) because it slightly lifts the lower legs and feet. Even when patients are lying on their side, the soft foam helps avoid pressure on the heels.

Benefits of Foot Support For Bed 

  • Elevates lower legs, preventing Oedema.
  • Soft foam minimizes pressure on heels during side lying.
  • Helps avoid foot turning or dropping due to muscle weakness.
  • Design prevents excessive knee bending.
  • Ensures a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Adjustable for patient's height; can use a pillow for extra support.
  • Various methods to keep the support in place.
  • Bedding on top minimizes extra pressure on the feet.

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