Vitaflo Renastart High Energy Powder for Renal Failure

Vitaflo Renastart High Energy Powder for Renal Failure

Brand/Manufacturer: VITAFLO

Vitaflo Renastart High Energy Powder for Renal Failure is a powdered formula with low levels of protein, calcium, chloride, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A. A blend of whey protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs), Arachidonic acid (AA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for the dietary management of renal failure from 1 year of age.

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  • Vitaflo Renastart Nutrition Powder is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs for pediatric renal disease:
    - Acute Kidney Injury
    - Chronic Kidney Disease
    - Renal Specific Nutrient Profile
    - Low Potassium
    - Low Phosphorous
    - Contains DHA & AA
  • Flexibility of use
    Vitaflo Renastart Nutrition Powder for Renal Failure allows it to be:
    - Concentrated to an energy content up to 2kcal/ml
    - Mixed with other formulas or supplements to meet varying nutrition and fluid requirements
    - Given as a tube feeding
    - Offered as a beverage to supplement oral diet
  • Important Notice:
    - Must only be consumed by children with proven renal failure under strict medical supervision
    - For enteral use only
    - Not for use as sole source of nutrition

More Information

  • Important Feeding Information:
    - Do not heat Renastart formula in a microwave as uneven heating may occur and could cause scalding
    - Do not boil Renastart formula
    - Regular teeth cleaning is recommended
  • Dosage and Administration:
    - To be determined by the dietitian or clinician
  • Preparation Guidelines:
    - To be determined by the dietitian or clinician:
    Standard dilution:
    The standard dilution of 30kcal/oz is made by adding 1 level scoop (approx 7g) of Renastart to 30ml of water (approx 1 fluid oz)
    - Wash hands well
    - Measure required volume of water into a clean container -Add prescribed amount of powder
    - Cover and shake the product until the powder has dissolved or liquidize for ten seconds
    - Shake or stir the product immediately before serving
    - The product should be freshly prepared wherever possible and used immediately
    - Any unused formula should refrigerated and used within 24 hours
  • Other dilutions and tube-feeding:
    - To be determined by the dietitian or clinician
  • Allergen Declaration:
    - Contains milk protein and soya
  • Storage:
    - Unopened: Renastart should be stored in a cool, dry place
    - Opened: Use within one month
  • Shelf Life:
    - 18 Months


Typical composition Per 100gm

Per Litre (24Kcal/oz)

Per Litre (30Kcal/oz)Per Litre (60Kcal/oz)
Energy (Kcal):49480010002000
Energy (KJ):2066334741828365
Protein (% energy) (g):7.5 (6)12.2 (6)15.2 (6)30.4 (6)
Carbohydrate (% energy) (g):62.5 (50.6)101.3 (50.6)126.3 (50.6)253.1 (50.6)
of which sugars (g):6.410.412.925.9
Fat (% energy) (g):23.8 (43.4)38.6 (43.4)48.1 (43.4)96.4 (43.4)
saturated (g):1016.220.240.5
monounsaturated (g):10.51721.242.5
polyunsaturated (g):
linoleic acid (mg):31905168644412920
a-linolenic acid (mg):3726037511507
AA (mg):152246307616
DHA (mg):78126158316
Fibre (g):0000


Vitamin A (IU/µg):426/128690/207861/2591725/518
Vitamin D (IU/µg):216/5.4350/8.7436/11875/22
Vitamin E (IU/mg):4.5/37.3/4.99.1/6.118/12
Vitamin C (mg):113183228458
Vitamin K (µg):304961122
Thiamine (mg):0.30.490.611.2
Riboflavin (mg):0.50.8112
Niacin (mg):58.11020
Niacin equivalents (mg):8.3131734
Vitamin B6 (mg):0.50.8112
Folic acid (µg):86139174348
Vitamin B12 (µg):11.624.1
Biotin (µg):22364489
Pantothenic acid (mg):23.248.1
Choline (mg):487897194
Inositol (mg):21344285
Sodium (mg):242392489980
Sodium (mmol):10.51721.342.6
Potassium (mg):117190236474
Potassium (mmol):
Choride (mg):87141176352
Chloride (mmol):2.5459.9
Calcium (mg):113183228458
Calcium (mmol):
Phosphorus (mg):92149186373
Phosphate (mmol):
Magnesium (mg):5386107215
Magnesium (mmol):

Trace Elements

Iron (mg):5.18.31021
Copper (mg):0.40.650.811.6
Zinc (mg):4.378.717
Manganese (mg):80130162324
Iodine (µg):82133166332
Molybdenum (µg):69.71224
Selenium (µg):9.4151938
Chromium (µg):34.96.112
Renastart (g):100162202405
Water (ml):N/A880850695
Volume (ml):N/A100010001000
Osmolality (mOsm/kg):N/A170225715
Osmolality (mOsm/L):N/A150190495
Renal solute load (mOsm/L):N/A100125250

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