TheraWand Pelvic Therapy Device
TheraWand Pelvic Therapy Device

TheraWand Pelvic Therapy Device

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS
  • Made in USA

TheraWand Pelvic Therapy Device is best for use in pelvic floor treatments including but not limited to trigger point, myofascial release, painful intercourse, scar tissue, sensitivity, vaginismus, anorgasmia and more. The curved design allows for ease of use intravaginally to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

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568708 Essential Each $2.27
568709 Premium Each $2.36

Why to Choose TheraWand?

  • TheraWand Pelvic Therapy Device Includes:
    • Instruction sheet
    • Information pamphlet
    • Carrying pouch
  • Therapeutic use can address pelvic pain, reduce core stress, increase sexual health and generally improves the quality of life
  • Essential Therawand Design
    • Allows for multiple uses
    • Elongated rounded end offers easier handling for the physical therapist and patient
    • Tapered end allows for easier insertion and is an excellent tool when used in pelvic therapy
    • Rounded end has also been indicated for use in pelvic therapy
  • Premium Therawand Design 
    • Allows for a wide variety of uses, both vaginally or rectally for pelvic therapy and prostate massage
    • Features slightly thinner shaft making insertion more comfortable in some cases
    • End with the three balls, more commonly used as a handle, has also been indicated for use in pelvic therapy

How to heal your Pelvic Pain using TheraWand?

It is important to be as relaxed and comfortable as can be. For vaginal or anal release:

  1. Lie comfortably on your back in a semi-reclined position with your upper body fully supported. Use pillows under your head and knees if possible. Or lie on one side or the other for comfort and the best angle for release.

  2. Generously lubricate the ReleaseEnd of the PelviWand

  3. Gently insert the Release-End of the wand into your vagina or anus.

  4. Orient your vaginal or anal opening as a clock to identify painful, tight “hot spots” or trigger-points. Focus your pressure on the regions one to five o’clock and seven to eleven o’clock as this is where the majority of soft tissue lies. Be sure to be gentle and follow the guidelines of your therapist or Healthcare Practitioner.

  5. Use light pressure to move through each spot. While massage strokes may ease tightness temporarily, complete release only occurs with gentle pressure sustained for five minutes or longer. This allows the muscles to soften and completely release.

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