Sammons Preston Progressive Putty

Sammons Preston Progressive Putty

  • Made in USA

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Sammons Progressive Putty can be used for a wide range of treatment exercises demanding low resistance. The user can start with soft exercises with low aversion requirements. Sammons progress chips can then be added for a gradual resistance increase. Progressive putty can be further customized to suit individual therapeutic needs. Ideal in nature for home use, patients using Sammons putty can progress without depending on others. This product eliminates the demanding need to buy putty for a number of resistance requirements.

Sammons Preston Progressive Putty Benefits

  • Free of oily chemicals
  • Ideal and firm base
  • Non-toxic
  • Bleed proof
  • Hassle-free robust putty
  • No residual stickiness on the skin

Sammons Progressive Performance Putty Features

  • Strength building resistance putty
  • Useful for multiple stages of rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • Multiple levels of progress chips can be added for customizable resistance
  • Ideal for home use and encourages individual progress
  • Putty is formulated to be non-oily, non-toxic, and latex-free
  • Maintains consistency
  • Conforms to hand when squeezed, stretched or twisted
  • Ideal putty base for countless exercises
  • Progressive putty allows for at-home physical therapy
  • Non oily and clean for safe use at home, in clinics and rehabilitation centres

What to buy with Sammons Preston Putty

What makes Sammons Progressive Putty an ideal choice?

Sammons Preston Putty Uses

    The Sammons Preston Progressive Putty can be used in a broad range of treatment and rehabilitation needs. Postoperative or post-injury exercises utilizing this putty can be beneficial for muscle building, increasing flexibility, and promoting faster recovery through at home use.

Customizable Resistance

    Starting with the beginner, soft resistance, this putty comes with multiple resistance chips that can be added as you gain strength, increasing its resistance level and in turn satisfying any need the user may have at any stage in recovery and regaining strength.

Cost-effective Efficiency

    The additive resistance chips eliminate the need to buy other putty, saving you money and increasing the value of the putty exponentially.

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