ROHO Enhancer Cushion

ROHO Enhancer Cushion

Brand/Manufacturer: THE ROHO GROUP
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ROHO Enhancer Cushion uses positioning in a uniquely designed two-manifold system for enhanced midline channeling of the femurs, lateral stability and skin/soft tissue protection. The cellular design and the soft pliable material allow the individual to be immersed into the cushion for maximum pressure redistribution, while decreasing friction and shear.


Item # Desc Pkg Price
ENHSMC Fits Chair Size: 14.75"W x 20"D Each
ENH88C Fits Chair Size: 14.75"W x 14.75"D Each
ENH89C Fits Chair Size: 14.75"W x 16.5"D Each
ENH98C Fits Chair Size: 16.5"W x 14.75"D Each
ENH99C Fits Chair Size: 16.5"W x 16.5"D Each
ENH910C Fits Chair Size: 16.5"W x 18.25"D Each
ENH109C Fits Chair Size: 18.25"W x 16.5"D Each
ENH1010C Fits Chair Size: 18.25"W x 18.25"D Each
ENH1011C Fits Chair Size: 18.25"W x 20"D Each
ENH1110C Fits Chair Size: 20"W x 18.25"D Each


  • ROHO Enhancer Cushion comes complete with:
    - Enhancer Cushion
    - Two-way stretch cover with non-slip bottom
    - Hand inflation pump
    - Repair kit
    - Operating instructions
  • Multiple Cell Heights: Unique contoured surface provides for channeling of the legs and enhances lateral stability and body positioning.
  • Adjustability: ROHO cushions, unlike foam products, provide the ability to constantly adjust and conform with an individual body, now, and as he or she changes throughout the months and years.
  • Adaptability: ROHO cushions support the shifts and movements that individuals make throughout each day. It provides unparalleled performance in minimizing tissue deformation and facilitating blood flow by fitting, matching and adapting to the shape of an individual.
  • Positioning: The Enhancer Cushion provides positioning with a multiple cell height, two-compartment system that allows the individual to adjust the interior bucket seat section for reduced pressure on the ischia while adjusting the two outer perimeter rows for enhanced stability and positioning.
  • Skin/Soft Tissue Protection: Proven with over 40 years of research, experience and refinement, ROHO Dry Floatation Technology provides an individual with the ultimate in skin and soft tissue protection. Enhancer Cushion provides an adjustable, low friction/shear environment that helps protect against pressure ulcers. It prevents and treats pressure injuries including deep tissue injury while providing skin and soft tissue protection.
  • Clinical Evidence: ROHO has been in over 90 scientific and clinical studies to reinforce and verify that a ROHO Cushion heals, treats and prevents pressure injuries including deep tissue injury.
  • Indications For Use:
    Based on clinical, scientific or engineering evidence, this product may be suitable for individuals who:
    - Have a history of skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any stage pressure ulcers (including deep tissue injury), skin grafts, and/or myocutaneous flap surgery
    - Currently have skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any stage pressure ulcer (including deep tissue injury)
    - Are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or deep tissue injury
    - Have normal or impaired sensation
    - Require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry, up to approximately 1 in./2.5 cm
    - Require increased sitting stability
    - Require lower extremity alignment
    - Require correction of pelvic asymmetry (medial lateral)

More Information

  • Inflating the Cushion:
    1. Place the cushion in the wheelchair with the air cells facing up and the non-skid surface of the cover facing down. Consult your prescriber about alternate positions of inflation valves.
    2. Slide the rubber nozzle of the hand pump over the inflation valve. Pinch the nozzle, turn to open the inflation valve, and inflate the air cells.
    3. When all of the air cells are inflated and the cushion begins to arch slightly, pinch the rubber nozzle of the hand pump and turn to close the inflation valve completely.
    4. Remove the hand pump.
    5. Repeat cushion inflation for all valves.
  • How To Adjust Your ROHO Cushion?
    1. Place cushion on chair, making sure it is centered with air cells up, with air valve in front, left corner (when the user is seated). Turn valve counterclockwise to open.
    2. Slide the rubber nozzle of pump over the valve and inflate the cushion until it begins to slightly arch upward.
    3. Pinch the pump nozzle and turn valve clockwise to close. Remove pump. (Repeat steps 1 - 3 for remaining air valves on multi-valve cushions.)
    4. Have the user sit in the chair, making sure the cushion is centered underneath. The user should be seated in their normal sitting position.
    5. Slide your hand between the cushion surface and the user bottom. Lift their leg slightly and feel for their lowest bony prominence. Then lower their leg to a sitting position.
    6. Turn valve counterclockwise to let out air, while keeping your hand under the lowest bony prominence of person. Release air until you can barely move your finger tips no more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) and no less than 1/2 inch (1.5 cm). Turn valve clockwise to close.
  • Cleaning Instructions:
    - To Clean the Cover: Remove the cover. Machine wash in cold water (30 degrees C) with mild detergent, gentle cycle, or wipe clean with neutral detergent and warm water. Tumble dry low.
    - To Clean the Cushion: Remove the cover, close valve(s) and place in a large sink. Hand wash, using mild liquid hand soap, hand dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, or a multipurpose detergent. Gently scrub all cushion surfaces, using a soft plastic bristle brush, a sponge or a cloth. Rinse with clean water. Air dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Construction Flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex)
Height Approximate range (due to varying cell heights): 2.25 in. to 4.25 / 5.5 cm to 10.5 cm without load.
Width 14.75 in. / 37.5 cm to 20 in. / 50.5 cm
Weight Varies by size, approximately 3 lbs. / 1.4 kg (based on size ENH99C)
Weight Limit There is no weight limit, yet the cushion must be properly sized to the individual.


2 year limited warranty

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