Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace

Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace

Brand/Manufacturer: OSSUR/ROYCE MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace offers superior comfort, clean aesthetics, and is the most user-friendly hinge in post-op bracing. It is designed with a one-touch button that enables easy release for the slide to size length adjustments and features sensil silicone padding on straps which reduces migration for an improved fit and increased stability.

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Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace Features

  • Slide to size struts lead to a more customized fit 
  • Reduces slipping and malleable aluminium cuffs allow for customization 
  • 3-dimensional padding and lycra lining provide superior comfort and compliance
  • Comfort pad at the neck and shoulder 
  • Easy to use innovator hinge makes flexion and extension adjustments simple
  • Indications:
  • - Stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus, proximal radius or ulna
    - Tendon and ligament injuries or repairs
    - Collateral ligament reconstructions
    - Elbow hyperextension
    - Triceps tendon repair
    - Chronic elbow injuries
    - Tennis elbow release

How to Assemble Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace?

  • Assessing Length:
    - Locate the hinge pivot center over the lateral humeral epicondyle (outer elbow).
  • Adjusting Length:
    - The brace is preset to 13" length and extends fully to 17" length.
    - To adjust length, press the button on the distal cuffs and pull the cuff away from the elbow joint to the desired length.
    - The lower extension (ulnar side of arm) should extend up to the styloid process (the bump on the medial side of the wrist).
    - The upper extension (humeral side of arm) should extend up to the most comfortable position at the axilla or arm pit.
  • Decreasing Length:
    - Press the button on the distal cuffs and push the extending cuff to achieve the desired length.
  • Bending the Cuffs:
    - Bend the cuffs to securely wrap around the circumference of the arm. Start with the cuffs proximal to the elbow.
  • Trimming of Straps:
    - Trim the strap lengths as necessary. Remove the hook piece, trim the strap and reapply the hook piece.
  • Securing the Straps:
    - After length and cuff circumference are determined, secure and fasten all straps, starting with the two straps closest to the elbow
  • Range of Motion Adjustment:
    - To adjust range of motion, press the flexion or extension button and rotate until the desired degree of flexion or extension shows through the corresponding window. Brace provides full range of motion from 0 to 120 degrees.
  • Enforced Compliance:
    - Loop and secure the enclosed lock ties through the hole in the flexion and extension buttons to limit range of motion adjustment.
  • Lateral Bar Adjustment:
    - Side bars may be bent to fit individual anatomies as shown. Side bars must be bent with final length adjustment completed. Bend with bending irons.
  • Neck Strap Application:
    - Attach the D-Ring to the strap closest to the wrist.
    - Place the neck strap over the opposite shoulder of the injured arm and across the back and under the unharmed arm.
    - Use the clip to attach the free end of the neck strap to the brace.
    - Unattach the loop of the free end and raise it to a comfortable position. Reattach the hook piece. Slide the neck strap pad over the shoulder so the neck strap feels comfortable.
  • Removal and Re-application:
    - To remove the Innovator X, unfasten the straps and loosen the cuffs. The brace can then be removed and reapplied using one hand as a single unit.

  • For single patient use only.
  • If you experience increased pain, swelling, sensation changes or any adverse reactions while using this product, consult your medical professional immediately.
  • Proper rehabilitation and activity modification are also essential parts of a safe treatment program.
  • Federal law prohibits this device to be sold or ordered by anyone who is not a licensed health care practitioner.

Washing Instructions:
  • This product can be washed at any time by hand using a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Do not use bleach or strong detergent.
  • Do not wash in washing machine or place in dryer.
  • Air/line dry only.
  • Do not heat dry.

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