MediCordz Door Mount Strap Kit
MediCordz Door Mount Strap Kit

MediCordz Door Mount Strap Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: NZ MANUFACTURING

MediCordz Door Mount Strap Kit is used for a variety of physical rehabilitation assignments to strengthen muscles, improve agility and help prevent future injury. Lets user take the rehab workouts on the road with this portable and adjustable system. Kit includes a nylon strap that wraps around the door, providing an anchoring point for other products. It is ideal for both clinic or home use.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
MADSKIT-WH White Each $6.60
MADSKIT-TN Tan Each $6.60
MADSKIT-BU Burgundy Each $6.60
MADSKIT-BR Brown Each $6.60
MADSKIT-SI Silver Each $6.60
MADSKIT-YL Yellow Each $6.60
MADSKIT-GR Green Each $6.60
MADSKIT-RD Red Each $6.60
MADSKIT-BL Blue Each $6.60
MADSKIT-BK Black Each $6.60


  • MediCordz Door Mount Strap Kit includes:
    - Door mount strap with adjustable rings and mounting hardware
    - Two 3 feet (90cm) modular tubes
    - Ankle strap and two handles
  • Interchangeable
  • Available in ten resistance levels
  • One resistance level per kit
  • Usage Guide

More Information

  • Use and Care:
    Read all instructions carefully before using products.
    - Always check for possible wear on the tubing/bungie before each exercise session. If the product has cracks, tears or other damage, discontinue use of that tubing/bungie product and replace it. There is no safe way to repair a tubing or bungie product.
    - Keep tubing/bungie away from face when performing exercises.
    - Never release the tubing/bungie when it is under tension.
    - Allow for adequate space allowance when exercising near others.
    - Never stretch the tubing/bungie beyond the recommended length. Overstretching may cause breakage.
    - Avoid using tubing/bungie on abrasive or rough surfaces.
    - Natural latex rubber used in our tubing products is sensitive to the ozone and UV light. Store properly to prolong the life of the tubing.
    - If a chalky texture develops on the tubing, a rubber treatment, such as Armorall will bring back a shiny black surface and help to protect the surface from further degradation.
    - If tubing is used in chlorine or salt water, rinse the tube with tap water after each use and hang to dry out of UV light.
    - This product is not to be used as toys, nor should children use this products unless supervised by an adult.



Resistance (lbs)

Resistance (kg)

White0.3 to 1.50.13 to 0.68
Tan1 to 2.30.45 to 1.0
Burgundy1.5 to 4.50.68 to 2.0
Brown2.5 to 5.51.1 to 2.5
Silver3 to 81.3 to 3.6
Yellow5 to 14

2.2 to 6.3

Green8 to 24

3.6 to 10.8

Red12 to 31

5.4 to 14.1

Blue14 to 346.3 to 15.4
Black20 to 459.1 to 20.4
Resistance when stretched 1 – 3 times original length


MediCordz products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase under intended usage.

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