Griffin TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx
Griffin TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx

Griffin TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx


Griffin TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx is a highly adjustable hand-held electrolarynx that produces an excellent voice for people with vocal speech difficulties. The unit is made of impact resistant materials and operates on standard nine volt batteries. Using its pressure sensitive button, user can add intonation to the voice to create a more natural speech. A wide volume range is possible using the volume control knob.

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GR-LARYNX With Rechargeable Batteries Each $20.64


  • Griffin TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx includes:
    - TruTone electrolarynx
    - Pitch adjusting screwdriver
    - Battery charger
    - 2 standard 9v rechargeable batteries
    - Oral adapter and oral straws
    - Instruction manual
  • Best sound quality available
  • Single pressure sensitive button, for smooth and natural voice intonation
  • User friendly controls and wide frequency range
  • Powerful volume range
  • Energy efficient design for extended battery life
  • Light weight and small size
  • Well crafted for years of quality service
  • Durable impact resistant materials
  • Click here for User Manual

More Information

  • Variable Pitch Control:
    - Using new technology (U.S. patent secured), the TruTone speech aid lets you fluctuate the pitch of your voice using a single pressure sensitive button
    - Because you keep your thumb in one place, it is extremely easy to operate, almost instinctual
    - You can immediately start speaking with natural intonation once again
  • Powerful Design for High Volume Range:
    - Now you can be heard in a crowded room, using internal advances, Griffin Laboratories has been able to create a speech aid with the best volume range available today
    - Be free to set your speech aid at the high-volume range when speaking with a group
    - Reduce volume for normal speaking situations and take advantage of highly efficient circuitry
  • Ultimate Durability:
    - Quality and durability were designed into this lightweight device that will fit in the palm of your hand
    - Housed in the same material used in bullet proof glass, the speech aid is highly impact and scratch resistant
    - Furthermore, internal components were carefully chosen and designed
    - Attention was placed on both performance and the ability to withstand extreme use-naturally


2 year limited warranty

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