EWheels Electric Carrier

EWheels Electric Carrier

Brand/Manufacturer: E-WHEELS
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EWheels Electric Carrier is a great, fuss-free way to tote your scooter from place to place. It makes it easy to get your scooter from the ground. Once your scooter is secure, simply position the ramp up, secure, and you are ready to hit the road. When not in use, the platform itself flips up in a storage position, so daily errands and driving around town is not a hassle.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
XL-Carrier Electric Carrier Each $46.80


  • EWheels Electric Carrier features 12 volt DC motor
  • Wiring harness (10 gauge wiring with 30 amp breaker)
  • Two cargo buckles
  • Locking hitch pin
  • All steel construction
  • Automatic tilt up into storage position
  • Black powder coat
  • Platform: 32" x 60"
  • Ramp: 31" x 42"

More Information

  • Safety:
    - Failure to properly tighten bolts and insert pins where required may cause assembly failure, serious injury or death. Always check that all bolts are securely fastened and pins are locked in place before use of the product
    - A carrier and cargo add weight to the vehicle and improperly or under inflated tires may cause unexpected movement, serious injury or death. Always check the vehicle tires are properly inflated before using the carrier
    - A carrier and cargo add weight to the vehicle and lengthens the time and distance that it takes to merge with or pass other vehicles as well as stopping your vehicle. Failure to allow additional time and distance for these actions may result in an accident, serious injury or death. Review the guidelines provided by your automobile manufacturer manual and adjusts your riding accordingly, allowing extra time and distance for these actions
    - Vehicles parked on an incline or to close to curbs, steps, and uneven surfaces may cause unexpected movement of the load or load tip over resulting in physical damage, serious injury or death. Always park the vehicle on a flat surface and engage the parking brake before placing a load on the carrier and moving the platform. Check the area around the platform is clear of the curb, flat and free of debris. Never stand between the vehicle and the platform
    - Positioning any part of your body close to the moving platform when loading and unloading may cause serious injury or death. Always maintain a safe distance away from the moving platform and all body parts. Never lie or reach underneath the platform without adequately blocking the space between the platform and ground
    - Use of the carrier for purposes other than the stated intent may cause physical damage, serious injury or death. Never allow children to climb, play or ride on the carrier. Do not place animals or unstable loads on the carrier. Do not overload the carrier, maximum weight capacity is 350 lb
    - When manually raising or lowering the platform the crank handle may unexpectedly spin when released causing serious injury or death. Always unplug the wiring and maintain control of the emergency crank handle and keep body parts (head, eyes etc.) away from the handle. Never push the rocker switch to the ON position when using the crank handle
    - Movement of the lift assembly and platform may create pinch points that could cause serious injury or death. Always keep all body parts, long hair, loose clothing and jewelry away from moving parts when using the carrier
    - Changing or adding unauthorized parts to the carrier and removing parts from the carrier may adversely affect the functionality of the product. These actions are not recommended and will void the warranty

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