Cardinal Gates Window Warden Window Guards

Cardinal Gates Window Warden Window Guards

Brand/Manufacturer: CARDINAL GATES

Cardinal Gates Window Warden Window Guards allow windows to open up to a maximum of four inches but prevent them from opening further. Enjoy fresh air safely. Great for children and adults who need supervision. These guards feature simple installation and easy emergency removal. Work on most double hung windows, sliding windows and sliding doors.

More Information

  • Installation Instructions:
    - Open the window to just under 4" (102 mm)
    - Check the opening size using a tape measure or the gauge below, this position must prohibit the free passage of a 4" (102mm) rigid sphere through the window opening
    - Always check your local building codes
    - Place the lower edge of the Stop Flag on the window frame
    - Fasten the bracket in place with a screw in the top hole
    - Close the window and secure the bracket with a second screw
    - Mount the optional Storage Bracket where desired
    - The Stop Flag may be placed in the Storage Bracket when not in use
    - To remove the Stop Flag, slide back drive pin to disengage from bracket, press down and it will pop off
    - To install, reverse procedure and align Stop Flag Pins to Bracket Holes, push to compress spring, and then slide up into bracket
    - Push Lock Pin in to secure
  • Note: Not intended for casement, awning, or hopper-type windows

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