Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate

Brand/Manufacturer: CARDINAL GATES

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate is designed to top a stairway. It features a latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one hand operation for adults. This gate mounts at angles up to 30 degrees allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall and is constructed of aluminum which is lighter weight than steel and rustproof.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate Benefits

  • Constructed of light weight, durable aluminum
  • Wall mounted for maximum safety
  • Opens in both directions, or use the optional stop bracket to only open in one direction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Great for stairways and all areas

Item# SS30A

Features of Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

  • A maximum child safety gate designed for the top of a stairway, but it's great for all areas
  • Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate has an optional stop bracket that prevents opening over a stairway for greater safety
  • One-hand operation for adults ( the latch system baffles toddlers )
  • It will mount at angles up to 30 degrees with quick and simple installation
  • Width is adjustable 27"-42.5 Height is 29.5"

What to buy with Stairway Special Gate

How to assemble Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Child Safety Gate?

  1. Install hinge bracket to wall (stationary side of gate) using Phillips screw drill pilot hole 6 ” above floor surface. Must be installed into wood or a stud behind the drywall. OPTION: Long screws maybe be used to attach the gate to the stud through the drywall.
  2. Install second screw in top of hinge bracket securing it to the wall.
  3. Insert eye bolts with nut and washer into top and bottom of hinge side gate (side with three holes). Be sure nuts are tight. Do not use middle hole for this step. Do not overtighten eye bolts! You can break them or the rivet nut!
  4. Hang gate by inserting hinge rod, through top of mounted hinge bracket, through upper plastic shoulder washer, through both eye bolts, through lower plastic shoulder washer, and finally through the bottom of the hinge bracket. To secure the hinge, insert the key ring through a hole at the end of the hinge rod. Gate can be mounted at angles up to 30 degrees.
  5. Mount latch assembly to gate using 3/4” bolts with serrated washers. Attach wall mount for latch assembly up into part that is now secure on gate. Slide gate out to mark holes for on attaching wall. (*optional one-way bracket installed here) Then attach the wall mount of the latch assembly to the wall using Phillips head screws. Optional long screws maybe be used to attach the gate to the stud through the drywall.
  6. Keep gate closed and latched. Use Allen wrench to insert set screws in the upper and lower brackets of the gate. Tighten the set screws to set the width of the gate.

How to operate Cardinal Safety Gate?

  • For Opening: When approaching gate, if latch is to your left, use right hand. Depress flip latches simultaneously with thumb and index finger while lifting gate with remaining fingers of the hand.
  • For Closing: Grasp gate in middle. Lift gate and align latch pins with bracket holes. Drop in place. There is no need to close gate using flip latches.

How to maintain Safety Gate?

  • When used outdoors, we suggest spraying hinge and latch parts with a marine corrosion inhibitor by CRC or equivalent.
  • This can be obtained normally at marinas or auto parts stores. Remove set screws when separating frames for cleaning. An external hardware set is available. Please call for information.
  • To clean, rinse with lukewarm water, wash gently with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse again. Dry with a soft cloth or sponge to prevent water spotting. DO NOT SCRUB or use brushes or squeegees.

Gate care & reminders:

  • Close gates gently - do not slam - to prevent damage to latch mechanism.
  • When closing, be sure safety bracket on gate frame engages as depicted in the instructions.
  • Children should not be allowed to swing on an open gate as this can damage hinge mount.
  • Keep allen wrench in a secure place. We suggest removing set screws when separating sections for cleaning. Periodically check all screws, bolts, etc. for security and proper adjustment

Stairway Special Safety Gate Warranty

Cardinal Gate is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase when used in homes, and according to manufacturers instructions. When used commercially, such as day care centers, the warranty is 90 days

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