BioMedical Micro Plus Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator

BioMedical Micro Plus Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator

  • FSA Approved

The BioMedical Micro Plus is a tool that helps with pain by using a small electric current. It has two parts that can work separately, and you can choose between positive, negative, or both settings. This device is useful for healing and easing long-lasting pain. It can also be used after surgery or injuries to help with the pain. It does this by boosting the energy in our cells, which is important for the body, especially when we're hurt.

The BioMedical Micro Plus MENS Device over TENS devices

  • The main tool that helps with pain
  • Four small sticky pads for the device
  • Special wires to connect everything
  • The battery needed to power the device
  • A bag with a zipper to keep everything in one place
  • A clip to attach the device to your belt
  • A guide that shows you how to use the device

Item # Desc Pkg Price
KMICP BioMedical Micro Plus Nerve Stimulator Each

BioMedical Micro Plus MENS Device Features

  • Unlike regular TENS units, MicroCurrent (MENS) gently stimulates without being felt by the patient. It works quietly at the cellular level to help cells heal
  • Uses very small electrical currents
  • You can change how fast the pulses happen, from 0.5 to 120 times per second
  • The time of each pulse is between 1 to 3 seconds
  • You can control the strength of the electrical currents
  • Runs on a simple 9-volt battery
  • The speed of the pulses can be set between 1 to 120 times per second
  • It uses a carrier frequency of 14000 Hz
  • You can choose how the electric currents flow - positive, negative, or both (bipolar)
  • The device is small, measuring 3.9" x 2.75" x 1" (9.90cm x 6.98cm x 2.54cm)

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How does BioMedical Micro Plus MENS Device Work?

  • Microcurrent devices use a tiny bit of electricity, just a bit more than what happens naturally in our cells.
  • The body easily accepts this small electric current when you use the device with sticky pads.
  • Microcurrent therapy brings back the positive and negative electrons that cells need. These electrons are super important for each living cell.
  • When cells are hurt, they lose their electrical balance. The body's normal electric current avoids the injured part, so healing takes longer. Microcurrent helps the body get back on track.
  • Microcurrent takes over where the body struggles. With regular use, it helps the damaged area heal faster.
  • Microcurrent uses a tiny level of electricity that's just like what's already in our cells. This helps fix the electric balance in damaged cells, making them work normally again and boosting energy levels.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are used for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long-term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain problems.


  • Don't mess with the buttons when you're using machines or driving.
  • Always turn off the device before putting on or taking off the sticky pads.
  • If you use it in one spot for a long time, it might make your skin a bit red. Change spots if this happens.
  • Only use it for the pain your doctor told you about. Don't just use it randomly.
  • It might work differently for different people. The doctor knows best what will help you.


  • Only use this device while your doctor is watching over you.
  • This won't help with certain types of pain, like if you have problems inside your body (central origin), such as appendicitis or hepatitis.
  • Remember, it won't make the problem go away. It just helps with the pain for a bit. Pain is usually a signal that something is wrong, so be mindful of that.
  • We don't know if it's safe for pregnant people, so better not to use it.
  • Use it only on your skin, not inside your body.
  • Other electronic stuff like heart monitors might not work right when you're using this.
  • Make sure kids can't get their hands on it.


Particulars Specifications
Channels Dual
Electrodes 4
Waveform Asymmetrical biphasic square wave
Polarity Positive, negative, or bipolar with 1, 2, or 3-second adjustment within each range
Amplitude 0-5 mA (adjustable)
Output Voltage 0-2.5 Volts
Pulse Rate .5- 120 Hz (adjustable)
Carrier Frequency 14000 Hz
Pulse Duration 1-3 seconds
Power Supply 9V Battery, E-block, type 6F22
Size 3.9” x 2.75” x 1” (9.90 cm x 6.98 cm x 2.54)
Weight 4.6 oz (130.41 grams)
Tolerances +/- 10%
Resistance Load Data was recorded across a 15,000-ohm resistance load



2 Years Limited Warranty


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