Best Friend Mobility Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Best Friend Mobility Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Brand/Manufacturer: FREEDOM STAFF
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Best Friend Mobility Rear Support Dog Wheelchair is a lightweight aluminum non-rust alloy with all-terrain pneumatic wheels, and features padded shoulder support, double-thronged adjustable neoprene shoulder harness, and built-in adjustable double rear padded harness. Its deluxe neoprene rear harness provide total comfort, while giving him independence and freedom to roam. The Swiss bearings offer a smooth ride.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
BFMXXS XX-Small Each $5.36
BFMXS X-Small Each $5.68
BFMS Small Each $6.32
BFMM Medium Each $6.64
BFML Large Each $8.25
BFMXL X-Large Each $9.92

Features of Best Friend Mobility Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

  • Fully height length and width adjustable for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • Sturdy design and materials
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Non-rust stainless hardware
  • Deluxe neoprene front and rear harness for complete pet safety and comfort
  • Easy hex wrench adjustment of height, length, and width
  • Rear Support Dog Wheelchair allows pet to use the bathroom with cart
  • All terrain polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings
  • Easy clip-on function front harness system
  • Pet can use the cart for assisted walking for full rear leg support
  • Help your pets continue enjoying fun and active lives

What to buy with Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

How to fit pet into Dog Wheelchairs?

  1. Put the front harness on your pet:
    • Loosen the straps of the front harness around the side arms and detach from cart frame assembly. Lower the front of the wheel chair (side arms); let it rest on the ground.
    • Unclip the front harness’ leg strap (red strap)
    • Position the front harness on your pet. Guide your pet’s head through the black straps, these two are to go below the neck, in front of the forelegs; and over the back and shoulder area.
    • The front harness’ red strap should be positioned at the bottom. It will go behind the forelegs and across the bottom chest to clip and lock on the other side.
    • Adjust the front harness so that it fits your pet snuggly yet comfortably.
  2. Put your pet into the rear harness:
    • Position the wheelchair behind your pet.
    • Guide your pet’s hind legs to the rear harness. Lift your pet’s rear and gently guide the hind legs down into the rear harness.
    • Adjust the lift of the rear harness to a comfortable weight-bearing position for your pet.
    • Once your pet is properly situated in the rear harness, you can re-attach the front harness to the cart frame by slipping its loops through the side arms up to the spacer widget. Adjust the tightness of the straps as needed.
  3. Using the rear leg straps:
    • For pets that are completely non-weight-bearing on its hind legs, use the leg straps to protect his or her hocks and keep them from dragging.
    • Press the cord lock and pull on cord to loosen the leg strap.
    • Insert each leg to a corresponding rear leg strap.
    • Adjust to a comfortable tightness
    • Attach leg straps to the rear harness bar. Make sure that legs can rest at a comfortable angle.

How to clean Rear Support Dog Wheelchair?

  • Wipe down aluminum surfaces with warm, soapy water using a soft cloth such as a microfiber or cotton rag. Rinse and dry.
  • Check the bolts and screws frequently; re-tighten if loose.
  • Adjust or tighten loose straps as well.
  • Remember to hose or wipe down tires to keep them from tracking dirt
  • Wash the sling, harness, and straps in cool, soapy water and hang them to dry.
  • Opting for a perfume-free detergent will help your pet avoid skin irritation.
  • You may want to try odor neutralizers (homemade or store bought) to counter any smell that may remain in the harness.

How to measure your pet?

  1. Measure your pet from the floor at the back paw straight up to the top of the back, not over the top
  2. Please have a helper hold your pet up while you measure
  3. Have your pet in a normal standing position


Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheel Chair Size Chart

Sizes Length Width Height Weight Pet Size
XX-Small 11" 7.5" 4.75" 3 lbs 8" - 11"
X-Small 16.5" 9.5" 4.75" 5 lbs 9" - 14"
Small 17.5" 11.5" 5" 7 lbs 15" - 17"
Medium 20.5" 11.5" 5.5" 8 lbs 16" - 20"
Large 24.5" 18.5" 4.75" 14 lbs 20" - 26"
X-Large 24.5" 18.5" 4.75" 16 lbs 23" - 29"

Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair Reviews

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