Bard Button Device Continuous Feeding Tube With 90° Adaptor

Bard Button Device Continuous Feeding Tube With 90° Adaptor

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD ACCESS SYSTEMS, INC

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Bard Button Device Continuous Feeding Tube With 90° Adaptor is a detachable 24" (61 cm) continuous feeding tube. It includes a clamp which is designed specifically for use with Bard Button replacement gastrostomy device. This non-sterile and non-ballon tube is indicated to provide enteral feeding in patients requiring long-term nutritional support.


More Information

  • Instructions For Use:
    - Inspect package contents for damage. if damaged do not use.
    To administer feedings:
    - If a pump is used, verify proper pump and set connections.
    - Follow manufacturers instructions to set the pump at the prescribed feeding rate.
    - Prime feeding set or fill feeding syringe, attach to a continuous feeding tube, then prime the tube if desired.
    - Open the safe cap on the button device and insert 9-degree adapter completely, using a slight twisting action and slight pushing pressure.
    - The adapter should be completely inserted to ensure a secure fit. The device is now ready for use.
    - Once started feeding will flow through the continuous feeding tube into the button device.
    - Once feeding is complete, flush the continuous feeding tube and the Bard Button Replacement Gastrostomy Device with an amount of water appropriate for the patient.
    - Remove the continuous feeding tube with a slight twisting action and slight pulling pressure.
    - Close the safety cap to keep the lumen clean, the profile cosmetically pleasing and to minimize gastrically reflux.
    - Mechanically clean the continuous feeding tube with soap and warm water and thoroughly rinse.
  • Contraindications:
    - Include use of this device with any product other than the Bard* Button replacement gastrostomy device or for indications other than delivering feeding nutrients.
  • Warning:
    - Intended for Single Patient Use.
    - Use of this device in more than a single patient increases the risk of cross-contamination of infectious diseases between patients.
    - After use, product may be a potential biohazard.
    - Handle and dispose of in accordance with accepted medical practice and applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Precaution:
    - Too much pressure may cause the entire Button device to be pushed into the stomach or to be prematurely pulled out of the stomach.
  • Adverse Reactions:
    - May include minor wound infection or pressure necrosis at stoma site leakage of gastric contents, gastrocolic fistula and gastric separation leading to peritonitis, sepsis, and death.
    - All of these potential complications increase in likelihood with improper placement.
    - If the stoma measuring device is pulled too tightly against the stomach wall an improperly sized, i.e., too short, the replacement device may be selected.


Continuous Feeding Tube and Size Bard Button Device and Size
REF 000256 000292 18FR (6.0mm) 1.2cm
000282 18FR (6.0mm) 1.7cm
000283 18FR (6.0mm) 2.4cm
000284 18FR (6.0mm) 3.4cm
REF 000258 000293 24FR (8.0mm) 1.2cm
000285 24FR (8.0mm) 1.7cm
000286 24FR (8.0mm) 2.4cm
000287 24FR (8.0mm) 3.4cm
000296 24FR (8.0mm) 4.4cm
REF 000268 000261 28FR (9.3mm) 1.5cm
000262 28FR (9.3mm) 2.7cm
000263 28FR (9.3mm) 4.3cm

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