Baby Irish Pink Lambskin Rug - Size 80cm+
Baby Irish Pink Lambskin Rug - Size 80cm+

Baby Irish Pink Lambskin Rug - Size 80cm+

Brand/Manufacturer: CONNACHT HIDE & WOOL
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Baby Irish Pink Lambskin Rug provides beautiful warmth and comfort so that babies settle easier, are more content and cry less. It gives a soothing, swaddling, cozy warm effect and is gentle to the skin. It also facilitates healing of sensitive or inflamed skin, thanks to the antimicrobial protection it provides naturally. Lambskin rug for baby proves to be very helpful for the physical and behavioral development of a baby.

Why choose Lambskin For Baby?

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Provides antimicrobial protection
  • Natural product
  • Environmentally friendly

Connatch Hide & Wool Sheepskin Products

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RP80 80 cm+ Each $4.10

What are the benefits of Sheepskin Lambskin Rug?

For over hundreds of years, mothers have wrapped their babies in wool to keep them warm and dry. Recent tests have shown that the surfaces a baby comes in contact with are very important for their physical functioning and behavioral development.
  • Latest research states that lamb rug for baby acts as a thermostat and temperature regulator, helping to keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • This is vital, especially for premature babies, as newborns are unable to regulate their own body temperature.
  • Many researches also proved that premature or low birth weight babies grew faster, were less fretful, and lost less body heat while resting on sheepskin.

Note: It is recommended, when using sheepskin as an item of bedding in a cot or bed, to cover it with a sheet.

How is Sheepskin Rug good for health?

Regulate Body Temperature

1. Regulates Body Temperature: Sheepskin products have natural temperature regulating properties that increase heat when it is too cold and reduce heat when it is too hot. This keeps the user at the right temperature according to the environment.

Improve Blood Circulation2. Improves Blood Circulation: Sitting or lying on a sheepskin rug or underlay helps in keeping the body at the right temperature. This temperature regulation helps in promoting better blood circulation throughout the body and keeps the body fit and active.
Support Pressure Points and Relieve Achy Limbs3. Supports Pressure Points and Relieve Achy Limbs: The natural crimped fibers of sheepskin give a cushioning support to the body. They absorb pressure and distribute weight evenly over the body, taking pressure off limbs and relieving aches and pains.
Reduce Friction and Associated Discomfort4. Reduces Friction and Associated Discomfort: The smooth outer layer of sheepskin wool allows fibers to move against each other without friction and accommodate movement. It provides comfort to the bedridden people and protect them against bedsores.
Absorb Moisture for Skin Protection5. Absorbs Moisture for Skin Protection: Sheepskin can absorb one-third of its own weight in water without actually feeling wet. This ability of sheepskin products to wick moisture protects the skin from maceration and weakening of the skin over time.
Repel Dirt and Bacteria6. Repels Dirt and Bacteria: Sheepskin fibers are naturally resistant to the growth of dust mites, mold, and bed bugs. In addition to this, the natural moisture wicking properties of sheepskin fleece prevent the conditions that allow bacteria to grow.
Promote Restful Sleep7. Promotes Restful Sleep: All the above-mentioned reasons make sheepskin a great choice for comfortable and restful sleep. It helps to regulate the micro-climate around beds, allowing users to have a good night sleep and rejuvenate themselves.
Help Children with Autism8. Helps Children with Autism: Sheepskin is especially effective in helping children with autism and other related development disorders to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. It keeps them calm, content, and satisfied.

How to wash a Lambskin Rug?

The leather side of the sheepskin is easily damaged by incorrect washing.
  • Only use a mild detergent which is enzyme-free with no bleaches. Note many wool wash products contain enzymes which can damage the leather. As an alternative, you can use a mild hand dish washing liquid for washing smaller items by hand.
  • Only wash in cold or lukewarm water (up to 40 C/108 F). 
  • For rugs, underlays and wheelchair covers gently stretch to shape whilst still damp.
  • Hang out to dry away from direct sunlight. 
  • For long wool products brush whilst damp and again when dry.

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